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Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by 95sniper, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. 95sniper

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    Today I went to the range with my new Remington 597. I was using some old cci ammo, and I could not rack off one magazine without 5 failure to fires, I was a little nervous at first but when I switched to a bulk pack of federal hollowpoints, the accuracy was incredible at 30yds every shot within the bulls eye. I shot maybe 80rds and my dad put about 70rds through it. I really enjoyed shooting it and realized how quickly you go through 22 ammo. We only shot it for 20 minutes but I cant wait to shoot it again.
  2. Rick1967

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    I dont shoot 22s very often. But I took mine out today too. I have a Glenfield (Marlin) Model 60. I have a 4x scope on it. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I was shooting clay pigeons at 100 yards. I was also able to shoot a 20 oz water bottle at 130 yards.

  3. johnbrowning

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    Rick, I too have the Marlin. I used to go to the Brazos and shoot turtles and trash. I have that gun for many moons never a misfire. I don't know if you have a python, or just like the picture but I have one too. Great minds think alike.
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    I have yet to shoot a 597 but the Model 60 is a great rifle,I have four of them!:) Cliff
  5. big shrek

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    597's are almost as notorious for needing to tune the mags as High Standard pistols...
    hopefully you've got the steel lip mags...

    John Stimson has a great writeup online on how to tune rimfire mags...I'd suggest a search & read...
    might just resolve your issue :)

    Funny part, I tend to tune mine for CCI Minimags...they are usually the most consistant thru a chrono...
    which is why I tend to use 'em for testing semi-auto actions when issues crop up...
  6. jjfuller1

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    maybe the old CCI got wet or were just that old.. also theres a huge difference between CCI blazers, and CCI minimags, stingers, and all the other good types that CCI makes. blazer are about the worst ammo out there. least for my guns..

    shooting .22s is great fun, i shoot mine a lot.
  7. robertb6112

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    I like the look of the 597 and thought hard about buying it. But I went with my gut and bought the marlin 795. The 795 was flawless I shot Winchester and Remington and had no problem. I have a savage mark II and had feeding problems but the more I shot it the less I had feeding problems.
  8. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    Actually the gun in the pick is a S&W 586. I do indeed have one just like the pic.