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    Found out something disturbing today on a quick range trip with the wife.

    We went to our local indoor range and the wife had an interesting go of it with our Glock 17 Gen 4. She's shot the pistol multiple times and it hasn't had any problems but this time things were dramatically different. The only thing that I can think of that was a little different about this range trip is that we first went to the gym and then went to the range instead of the other way around.

    Although she did hit the target and had a proper firing grip, the pistol also failed to return to battery in her hands with almost every shot. No jams or stovepipes, but the slide didn't go fully into battery. I'm not a firearms expert or trainer, but I would say that when she's fatigued she has a hard time pushing forward with the palm of her firing hand with enough force to give the pistol something to recoil against or she let her palm slide sideways across the backstrap during recoil.

    I fired over 100 rounds of the same ammunition from the same pistol in the same trip from the same magazines with no problems of any kind, using right, left, and both hands.

    I purchased the 17 because I wanted something that we could both use, but this is definitely going to be a problem. The Glock 21 is the optimal size for my hands and the Glock 17 is right at the size limit, for me, with respect to how small a pistol can be for me to get all of my hand on the gun and not unnaturally contort my trigger finger for a straight back press. The Glock 17 bites my hand every so often and the 1911 bites my hand at least once per range trip.

    The 1911 has always been a little weird for me to shoot because the grip is so small that the tip of my proximal phalange is where the trigger is, although predictably, my wife found it to be comfortable to shoot.

    This is honestly a bit perplexing to me since it hasn't happened in the past, but after seeing the problems she had with it after a workout, I'm about ready to ditch the 17. It's no good to me if she can't use it, tired or not. What I want to avoid is picking up a new 9MM pistol, the M&P would be the only candidate replacement so far since all the other 9MM pistols have triggers that are too far for her to reach in a firing grip, that she has the same issues with.

    So, here are the questions for all the ladies out there who have used a Glock 17 and/or a M&P 9:

    Do you have any reliability issues (slide fails to go back into battery/stovepipe/jam) with your M&P 9 or Glock 17/19/26 when you fire it after you're fatigued (like an upper body workout at the gym and running a few miles, for example)?

    Can you easily manipulate and fire your pistol with either hand, and not just both hands, after you're fatigued?
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    Have her try the Shield 9mm, she'll probably like it. It's an awesome handgun for under $390.00
    It reliability is on par with my Glock, the Only thing that bugs me is you have to remove the rear sight to remove the safety plunger.
    You can do a lot of shooting before you probably need to clean that channel.

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    Im sure her fatigue had a lot to do with the malfunctions. Causing her to limp wrist.