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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by monteros, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. monteros

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    Looking for ideas on what you all use as a range/armorers case/kit for at the range. What tools you carry and keep with you etc while at the range.

    What kind of a case/tool box did you buy?
    Where did you get it?
    What tools do you carry?
    What spare parts do you carry?

    Etc. Etc.

    Little background, I will own all the tolls for building ARs, and am looking for something to carry all the typical armorer tools one might need to help out at the range for my guns, and also friends/families guns too - specifically ARs atm.

    Eventually, I will stock standard, H, H2, H3 buffers too in it.


    Right now here is what I am thinking:

    Case: Undecided...
    roll pin punches
    small hammer
    extra bolt
    extra firing pin
    common detents and springs
    lock tight
    screw drivers
    hex wrenches
    cleaning kit/supplies
    Ear protection
    Eye protection
    Shooting gloves?

    I'm a bit of a newb, but experience and time will help me, along with your input :)

    THanks for any thoughts or responses!
  2. Quentin

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    I take few tools or spare parts. Mainly a cleaning rod, lube and common tools. The buffers are a good idea. Ear/eye protection, of course. I don't use shooting gloves.

    I take at least two ARs and multiple handguns and ammo. That's plenty to carry really. I'd rather spend my range time shooting and save working on big problems back at home.