Range time with the marlin

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    Finally got to put some rounds down range with the xt-22. It was cold as heck here in ky today but it was just me and my two boys and they wanted to shoot so we did it. The new marlin shot great IMO. The bolt was a little stiff but it's already loosening up a little and It don't want to extract cci blazer bulk ammo but I got a bulk pack of federal target grade And it worked great, there the only two types of ammo I tried. I have yet to build a good sturdy target stand we used the yard signs with targets on them( the vote for so and so type ) they were kinda flimsy and were affected by the wind alot but with that and the cold weather I still got the 3x9 scope zeroed good enough to consistently hot a 1 inch spinner at 50 yards. It seems to be a good shooter I'm well pleased. I only put probably around 150 rounds through it today but besides the ccis not extracting had no problems at all and I would suggest this gun to others I had a great time shooting it. Thanks y'all.