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    Yeah you are right, I haven't been on the internet for a while. We have had a rash of car breakdowns at my house and a fammily crisis with our son and girlfriend breaking up. She just had his baby and now she is using it to harrass him.
    But We have managed to get out to the range a couple of times. Last month my son and I decided that we had been neglecting our collection of lever action rifles. So we decided to go shooting and only use the levers. After going through our 4 vaults we came up with 14 lever action rifles. Starting with some ancient British Martini actions and then going American with a 1873 Winchester, a 1886 Winchester, 1892 Winchester, 1894 Winchester, 1895 Winchester, a 9422 Winchester, Stevens Favorite, Marlin 22 lever, Marlin 336 lever, 2 Savage mdl 99 levers and one more a Sharps 45-70.
    That and about 500 rds of ammo did a number on our shoulders, Especially the 1886 (45-70 in a carbine), 1895 in 405 (no wonder Teddy Rossevelt used them on elephants) and the Sharps was a light octagon bbl carbine in 45-70.

    The weather was perfect and we shot to our hearts content. Hopefully it helped my son forget his women problems.

    Then just last week my little Grand Daughter called and asked when we were going to the range. Well she doesn't have to ask Grandpa twice so we were off on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and she dragged a boy friend along.(she wanted to test him)
    We went for pistols this time with a couple of carbines thrown in for spice. (A Hi-point in.40 - SW and a Uzi in 9mm Luger.

    My grand daughter is a very petit girl, heck she is not a girl she is a full grown women. (26 yrs. old) But because of her Mothers Japanese blood she is only 4'-8" tall and 120 lbs.Last year I put her through a firearms safety course so she coould get her CCW permit. Come Christmas we were handing out Christmas presents and I had one for her. I first said, " Crystal my little darling you are just one of the cutest and littlest doll in our whole family. Some day some guy is going to see you and decide to put you in his back pocket and take you home to play with. So with that in mind here is a Christmas present from your Grandpa so that never happens. She tore the package open with excitement and fervor. And there was a snub nose .38 Special, for her to protect herself.
    Well she just naturally had her little .38 with her and put a hundred rounds through it. She had one target with the black bullseye all shot out of it. She brought it back to show Grandpa and stated that it was the best target she had ever shot. She was going to put it in a frame and hang it so anyone coming into her apartment couldn't miss it. "That ought to make the guys behave!" she said.
    But she moved on up to other revolvers and pistols with a .357 next and then a 9mmL (her favorite) and a 40 S&W then a couple of 45 colts and my comped 45 1911. (another favorite of hers.
    Her boyfriend turned out to be knowledgable on firearms and he oooohd and ahhhd on our firearms collection. I would hate to think he might marry my little girl just to get to shoot her families guns but then that isn't too bad a reason after all.
    Sarge and his shooting family