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    Handgun: Springfield Mil Spec SS 1911
    Ammo: Magtech Range Ammo

    Very impressed overall with the Springfield's performance. Trigger pull felt normal for a 1911. Only thing i didn't like (which is why i'll be replacing the trigger) is that the face of the trigger is thinner than I'd like. That's while shooting at the range though, and nitpicking about things I would change. In the heat of a confrontation I wouldn't give a damn about the width of the trigger. As far as being a reliable weapon it's 100%. The 200 rounds of Magtech ran through her without one failure, which is more than I can say of even my Sig Sauer Scorpion, which had a few failures while breaking in. It's just a raw 1911, meat and potatoes... everything you need, nothing you MIGHT not want (external extractor, ambi safety, etc.) I love the fact that it's a steel frame and slide, not cast. The VZ grips felt great. I was also running the rounds through a Wilson 47d mag and one of my Sig mags... neither had any issues. Bottom line, great pistol. The quality far exceeds the value which is more than you can ask for. If you can find one ( good luck ), then i highly suggest it. Great feel, great gun.

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    Great job SlightlyAddicted!

    I posted a copy over here in the RR Section.