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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by rjgnwdc, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I took the Colts to my local range yesterday along with 240 rounds of various types of ammo 185gr JHP, 230gr JHP , 230gr FMJ and 255gr semi-wadcutterI loaded in 30 various brands of magazines I took at least one of each brand of mag and loaded them with a random assortment of the different types of ammo I had and went to blasting away for a pretty good while, after I shot everything up I had 2 FTF they both happen in 1 magazine, a Colt 8 rounder the ammo was the 230gr FMJ I loaded so the performance of the Colts was flawless and made for another great day at the range.
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    I would be sure to mark that magazine. It might be a slight tolerance difference causing it to not eat the heavier bullet. Since all your other mags feed the reloads in the 230 range as well as all the others. If it becomes a habit with this magazine I would give it the Stomp treatment. I do not believe in attempting to fix any magazines. They do not cost that much to take a chance with them if they are susceptible to FTF. 2 is not bad however being that it is a new pistol also and could have just been the rounds in my opinion. It confirms you certainly have some fine pistol/s.:)