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    Took the wife out to shooters of maumee. She did great but the gun she rented definitely isnt right for her. She rented a S&W 642 Airweight .38. Nice gun really long trigger pull and really heavy trigger but a quick reset. This model had the shrouded hammer as well great for CC but not real fun to shoot. Heavy felt recoil hurt the wrists alot and with her carpol tunnel she had issues with it. She switched over to my Sig P238 and seemed to do alright with it. I dont have any pictures of how well she did but considering she has not shot in 14 years she was shooting passing groups for CHL testing at 20 ft consistently so im proud of her. And its kinda nice for her to start taking a interest in my choice to carry. Anyway im starting to ramble so ill wrap this up. My point is Shooters is a great place that offers a all day shooting expierence for 20$ for the first person and 10$ for the second up to three people per lane and they have 12 lanes/ 6 lanes are 50 pistol ranges and 6 lanes are 75ft rifle ranges. Check them out if you get a chance oh and bring a ton of ammo with no time limit you never know how much shooting your going to do
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    Isn't it ironic that the states with the most anti second amendment and CCW restrictions are Liberal Democratic infested corrupt states! Should tell people something~!