Range Report: XD(M) 4.5" 9mm

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    So here's the range report from yesterday:

    Gun: XD(M) 4.5" 9mm in OD Green/Black
    Ammo: Sellier & Bellot (S&B) 9mm Luger FMJ 115g
    Range: Palm Beach Shooting Center - Lake Worth, FL

    XD(M) Impressions (prior to shooting):
    • Great looking gun
    • Very well put together - solid/"tight" (in a good way)
    • Strips down extremely easily
    • Great crisp trigger with just the slightest of plasticy-ness (if I can coin a phrase)
    • Nice short trigger reset
    • Feels great in hand (and you don't even notice the grip safety)
    • Frame is surprisingly light when stripped down - expected it to have a little more weight (I am not a weight-weenie, so more weight doesn't = bad in my book)
    • Well balanced
    • Aims naturally
    • Unable to release full magazine when slide is forward*

    Ammo Impressions (prior to shooting):
    • What's there to say? They're bullets.
    • Liked the look of the red primer caps in contrast to the brass
    • Made in Czech Republic
    • Got them for $10/box of 50

    I put 100 rounds down range (all at 10 yards) in the following method:
    Load 1 round - shoot
    Load 3 rounds - shoot
    Load 5 rounds - shoot
    ... all odd numbers up to
    Load 19 rounds (full mag capacity) - shoot
    *After working my way up to 19 rounds I retested and was able to release the full mag with the slide forward and no round chambered (all 19 in the mag, none in the chamber, slide forward).

    Only used one of the 2 included magazines. Will repeat this procedure with my other mag.

    XD(M) Shooting Impressions:
    • Again, aims naturally
    • Very "accurate" (all fliers are user error)
    • Very good preceived recoil for a polymer gun
    • Zero Failure to Fires
    • Zero Failure to Feeds
    • Zero Falure to Ejects
    • Should add that I love the way this gun ejects brass, none of the 100 rounds came at me or were a distraction in any way
    Ammo Shooting Impressions:
    • No tumblers
    • A bit of smoke
    • A little dirty, but not overly so
    • "Accurrate"

    I like pictures, so here's a whole bunch:

    Rounds 1-9: Note very 1st round is a bullseye at 10 yards!

    Rounds 10-16:

    Rounds 17-25:

    Rounds 26-36:
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    Shots 37-49:

    Shots 50-66:

    Shots 67-81:

    Shots 82-100:

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    And finally...

    Brought the target home and realized that the backside of the targets told the story as you can see all 100 shots in aggregate:

    Backside of target 1:

    Backside of target 2:
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    Excellent report.

    Great gun and good shooting!
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    Nice shooting. Also, I enjoyed the process by which you chose this gun.

    You researched your decision more than anyone I've ever seen. I respect the thought you put into your decision. May the XDm serve you as well as mine has served me.
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    I have the same gun (but in all black). With a full mag — and one in the chamber — the magazine won't drop.

    Love shooting mine!
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    So, I have to revise my 1st impressions of the ammo. The smoke and dirtiness seemed to be more due to the lube that the gun was shipped with rather than the ammo.

    After I shot Friday, I did a full cleaning an used Hoppe's Lubricating Oil, sparingly.

    Shooting today, there was no perceivable smoke today. There was nothing being "blown back" while shooting. And the gun was much easier to clean, post-shooting.

    I liked the ammo after the 1st time shooting with it and I like it even more after shooting with it today.

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    Very nice shooting :) but where are the pics of the new gun??
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    It sounds like you've found a keeper. Thanks for the report.