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This past Chrismas, my wife bought me a Sig Pro 2022 which came with two 12-round magazines, a larger spare grip, and a gun lock. So far, I've put 200 rounds of 180 grain Blazer .40 S&W through it and to date there has never been a malfunction. One thing that I had to get used to is that it seemed a bit nose heavy the first time I took it to the range. That seems a bit strange considering that it has a polymer frame and is more than an inch shorter than my newest aquisition, a CD 1911. This afternoon, I took it to the local indoor range and set up the target at 10 yards. With a couple of exceptions, all rounds hit in a tight group but were about two inches high of the center of the bullseye. It the past, I've had the target out to 25 yards with good results. I'm thinking of getting into IDPA matches with this gun.

Last week I bought a used full-sized CD and had it at the range for the first time today. I put Hogue grips on it as soon as I made the pruchase. I was shooting 230 grain Blazer FMJ and had one instance where it failed to extract the empty case. I dropped the magazine and racked the slide back 3 times to get the empty case to extract. So far, that was the only problem however, I intend to invest in some better magazines in the near future. Again, I had the target at 10 yards but, strangely, these all went two inches low from the center of the bullseye.

While I was having fun with my two handguns, my wife was plinking away with a Walther P22 that we rented from the range. This is only the second time that she fired a gun and she did well with it. She had the target set up at 7 yards and had all of the hits within the black area. This weapon also had one failure to extract for whatever reason. She wants one of these little Walthers but I'm trying to talk her into a Ruger Mark III.
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