Range Report - Savage 12BTCSS .233

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    Range Report - Savage 12BTCSS .223

    Recently finished the glass bedding on my Savage and headed to the range to punch some holes. I've been slightly disappointed in the accuracy but resigned myself to thinking it was poor technique and that I just need more practice.
    The rifle was also was freshly cleaned so I ran a few rounds 55 grain "fouling" rounds through it and set up some fresh targets. Got the usual results from the 55 grain FMJ. 1-1.5" (or worse) groups at 100 yds

    I had done a bit of reading and decided that the 1:9 twist that Savage uses may be a bit too much for the 55 grain and with that in mind I switched to a 69 grain BTHP. The scope was not zero'd for them so they dropped from POA a fair bit (2" dwn and left) but seemed to be tighter groups. I switched back and forth until the next target change and did a quick and dirty re-zero for the 69 grain.

    @ 100 yd range (longest they have), I shot the following 3 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 3, starting lower right moving to center upper right- upper left-lower left. I let the rifle cool a few minutes after the upper right (where I started ok but pulled the last two rounds :mad:) I also rushed the last group of three to beat the next target change


    The first group of 5:

    and using OnTarget Software to score it:


    I'm sure it's not a complicated program but I think it's pretty cool for freeware. Just scan your target and go. You can also take a picture of the target and import but there are a couple more steps to set the parameters.

    I ended up with an average of .58 over the 5 groups, the kind of accuracy I expected from the rifle (but not necessarily from me).
    Overall I'm VERY pleased
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    Very nice. For a factory stick, factory ammo, and only a little tuning you are shooting almost .5MOA.

    That is a good value for the dollar spent in anyone's book in my neck of the woods.

    Have you tuned the trigger, or done any further modifications or "custom" work ( lapping the lugs, scope mounting re-config, recrown factory barrel, reloaded brass that was fire formed )?

    Very nice report. I dig that software. Free you say? Might have to give it a try....

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    Thanks, I reset the accutrigger and it "feels" like it's about 2 lbs but I don't have a gauge. I have a Nikon 3-9x 40 Prostaff on Leupold rings/mounts and I shoot it off a wally world bi-pod. So other than that and the bedding job it's right out of the box. I was shooting Black Hills ammo.

    Yep the software was a freebie :D
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    Nice shooting and report. I have noticed over the years,that most FMJ ammo is only good for plinking around and will not group for squat.

    My AR's both have 1-8 twist and will shoot 55gr VMax's all day long into sub-moa groups,but Lake City 55gr FMJ will group 2-4".
    My 16" Saiga will shoot the FMJ ammo pretty decent 1.5-2" and will do moa with the VMax's.