Range Report: Regent 1911 A1 45 ACP

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    I am anything but a newbie to 1911 style pistols. I first shot a semi auto pistol as a member of the Camp Pendleton Junior NRA team in 1959, and yes, it was a 1911 A1 IN 45 ACP. I have to tell everyone, as a side-note, that US MARINE Armorers are awesome! That said...

    My last actual 1911 was a WW II Singer produced weapon, and most probably would still be my favorite if some misfit would not have stolen it! In the meantime, I became a Glock fan. Blasphemy, I know...

    In any case, my new profession keeps me away from the homestead for months at a time. I drive heavy trucks now for a living. War story's aside I am a rather FIRM believer in 45 ACP, 10mm Auto (Full power, not the Government load!) and the all time single shot stopper 357 Magnum. You gain an appreciation for certain things after thirty plus years working as a Paramedic... Moma needed some real time protection, period. Like a lot of folks money was an issue. We went to Shipton's in Sheridan, WY. Looked things over, and made the biggest mistake of my life concerning firearms. She liked the 1911-22, and over my objections we purchased it. What a POS!
    Advance six months. My Engineer better half decided that she wants not one, but two pistols! Canebrakes suggestions aside, I let her pick them out.

    First, for a purse gun, she chose the Kel Tek P 11. Price was right, and other than trigger complaints, and the fact that it's in 9mm... And... That one will be in another Range report!

    Second, did I mention that she is an Engineer? She said that she wanted a 45 ACP 1911 style pistol. Back to Shipton's... Budgets are always a concern. Therefore, I was concerned with the usual things reliability and so forth. I was pretty much sold on the new Remington 1911. But, my darling started looking around, so to speak!I can't remember all the different brands / models that ended up on the counter. All "Starter" or semi-starter type pistols...
    Prices ranged from an unbelievable $99 to well over $1300! It was a sale week... Now remember folks, she is buying her second defensive firearm. She shoots my 10 Auto Glock damned near as well as well as me or my son does!

    It came down to three, all Govt models. The Remington as noted above. The Springfield Govt Improved (I think it is called) and the Regent 1911 A1. No cast parts that I could detect on any of them. Indeed, all seemed to be excellent basic 1911 A1 pistols. What with the sale that was going on? Price was not an issue, period.

    Then in came down to basic Gunfighter things. Does it feel good in your hand, and in your hands? Heavy enough for you to have a decent sight picture, and so on... Now, to the actual Range Report

    Weapon: Regent 1911A1 pistol caliber 45 ACP

    Ammunition: Winchester White Box 180 gain. Federal 230 RN and Remington 230 grain RN. Basically round nose bullets of a military style.

    Range: 5 yards unsupported. I shot a full box of each, and the pistol was not cleaned. 150 rounds in all. EVERY round not only made paper they were all in the black!

    Set two:15 yards (45 feet) Same ammunition. All hits that could be counted, at all. Were high and about two feet high and left...

    At this time I made the decision that an accuracy report could not be honest, or valid.

    My evaluation? The Regent 19011 A1 is a viable out of the box defensive weapon. At VERY close range. I also believe that it can be easily brought up to modern standards with minimal gunsmith attention. *hint, by a sight pusher.*