Range Report on new Ruger Charger .22LR

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    I am still going to Friday; however, I got to the range. Once the sighting was done, the fun of shooting both the Ruger Charger 22 and S&W MP 15-22. The Glock 19 was limited, Friday it gets fired alot more. One issue with the Ruger Charger 22 is the bolt release mechanism, sometimes hard to release forward once the line goes hot; however, might get a small block to put in the ejection port to indicate no rounds in the chamber.

    I picked up an Butler Creek 25 round Banana mag for the Ruger. Worked excellent. I need to get another 25 round mag.

    Ammo used was the Blazer CCI for both no jams or misfires. Ruger fired an estimated 200 to 300 rounds. The S&W about 500 rounds using 2 mags.

    After some scope adjustments on the Ruger Charger .22LR using a Bushnell scope

    This is the distance from 10 yards:

    This the distance from 25 yards:

    The bottom 2 targets were from the Ruger Charger 22 and the top 3 targets were from the S&W MP 15-22 using new Simmons Scope

    The Glock 19 fired only 25 rounds, more towards playing with 22LR models.

    Main center target the first 10 rounds for the Glock:
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