Range Report: Marlin 983s .22 WMR

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    Made a trip to the shop to look for a used lever action 30/30 a few weeks ago and ended up coming home with this "used"(It was a prize at a fundraiser raffle) but NIB .22mag instead. Funny how that happens. I had a chance over the weekend to clean it and sight it in and here are my observations:


    Fit and finish is very good. All the machining is clean and burr free and the action is tight but smooth. I fondled a couple Henry Golden Boys the same day I brought this home and have to say the level of detailed finishing on the high wear steel parts of this Marlin is better. (bolt etc) The finish on the stock seems to be very hard and really shows off the laminate. The safety functions smoothly and has avery positive "click" on and off.

    12 round tube mag is fantastic. Easy to load and cycled 3 different makes of ammo without issue. What's not to love about not having 12 shots between reloads?

    When the rifle is cocked the back of the bolt shows a red "ready to fire" mark.

    Sights are adjustable folding rear and high visibility fixed front with hood. They were very easy to adjust both for elevation and windage.

    Stainless swivel studs installed and fancy rubber shoulder pad for the killer kick of the .22, lol.

    Rifle is light and well balanced.


    High visibility sight is plastic. Only time will tell how it will hold up to fading and bumps/bangs.

    The little hood thingy is a snap on feature that pops right off with mild pressure. I have no doubt I will lose this piece in the woods somewhere, at some point.

    The front swivel stud popped out of the stock as soon as I put a sling on it and picked up the rifle. Upon inspection it looks as though the threaded insert inside the stock was not mortised far enough into the wood so the threads of the stud were barely catching. I am hoping I can just remove the barrel and take a fine chisel to the inside of the stock to remedy this.

    The shop was out of the popular CCI Maxi Mag tnt 30gr so I picked up their last 6 boxes of .22mag- some CCI 40gr target, Winchester 40gr magnum and 34gr magnum supreme JHPs. The rifle fed it all with the best groups from the supreme.

    I sighted the gun at 75yds which is as far as my eyes can reasonably manage open site, as well as being the max I can stretch out of my back yard.(man, I can't wait to put a small range in this summer...) I was able to consistently shoot 1" to 1.5" groups of 5 from my "leaned up against a maple tree,rest:p" standing position at the 75 yds. I can imagine .5" groups from bench rest at that range, so the rifle is plenty accurate for a backyard plinker and small game, woods rifle.
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    Excellent report, sharp rifle and a good catch!

    Thanks for the info. Sorry that even the rimfire ammo is in short supply!

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    Great report, You just gotta have a 22WMR in your collection. I have a Savage 93GL and a Erma Werke (9422M copy) and love'em.
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    E-Mail if interested in selling your marlin 983 s
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    Very nice! FWIW I always remove the front sight hoods on my rifles.
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    Nice rifle and great report. I have a 783 that still has thew hood on it.:)