Range Report - Mags, scopes, and more.

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    Hey Guys,

    I took some new products out to the range this weekend and thought I would post a quick review.


    1) Bushnell Sportview 20-60x60 Spotting Scope
    This spotting scope retails for $130, but you can usually find it for cheaper. The scope works well for 100yds but at 200yds I struggled to see the target effectively. It does come with its own hard case and tripod.

    2) Trijicon ACOG 4x32 (TA31RCO-M4CP)
    For $1,600 it better be badass, and it is. On top of my new HLF with a 14.5" Colt with pinned AAC Brakeout it was fun and accurate. I am a believer that good guns need good glass now.

    3) AAC Brakeout
    This a great compromise between the AAC Blackout and the Blackout MB. The report after each shot was noticeably louder compared to the flash-hider only but not as loud as the MB.

    4) Magpul AFG
    This was a fun impulse buy but for me I will prefer the VFG for lateral control. The AFG may work better if you have hands like Shaq or Lebaron James.

    5) Daniel Defense RIS II
    All I can say is THIS THING IS STRONG! You will NOT be disappointed. Its takes some work getting on (compared to the Troy free-float hand-gaurds) but well worth it.

    6) KCI Beta Mag (the Korean version)
    Plain and simple... POS. We knew there was issues with making sure it is properly lubricated with graphite but that didnt help. (see pics) First off, we used PMC Bronze and the rounds barley fit in the opening of the mag. I shot 2 rounds before the mag crapped out and needed to be rebuilt. Also, getting graphite all over your hands is not fun and makes shooting not fun.
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    Thanks for the reviews. They may help me in the future.

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    No problem!
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