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    well, i had been watching the news all week and seeing that it was supposed to be sunny and clear today i decided to ask the babysitter to keep the kids a little longer. i rushed home, grabbed my gear(kicking myself for not packing the night before like i considered), and off to the range.

    i took my stag model 4, and my sig mosquito.

    i was going to use my sling for my AR, but realized i had forgot one piece.. doh.

    i setup silhoute's at 25, and 50 yards. Also a shoot n see for the Sig at 25yards.

    For my AR i was shooting 2 to 4 rounds at one target than adjusting my aim to the other target. in the videos when i step sideways im only aiming at the 25yard target.

    I had a small issue with one mag. for some reason it doesnt like to seat properly. this caused the bolt to close on the last round. at least i think.

    I shot the sig at 25yards first. after i used up all the .223 i brought along i moved up to 15 yards.

    pics are in this order:
    1: sig 15yds - 30 rnds
    2: sig 25yds - 40 rnds
    3: AR 25yds - 50rnds
    4: AR at 50yds - 50 rnds
    5: the toys!




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    How's that SIG on reliability? What kind of ammo are you shooting?

  3. jjfuller1

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    had one failure due to a dud. and that kind of surprised me. its pretty ammo picky and seems to like CCI minimags. it will run federal untill its starts getting a little dirty, 30 to 40 rnds. then it has problems with that. but CCI runs good most always.