Range report for the Howa 1500 chambered in .308

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by opaww, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Range report for the Howa 1500 chambered in .308

    Took the rifle out this morning to the range, I got there early and no one was there so I set up and got my target ready. The temp was a crisp 38 deg. And had a light crosswind of about 3 mph.

    Fired the first round and everything functioned fine for a new rifle never fired. I hit the target 5” low and 3” to the right. Taking a second shot just to make sure it was not me I hit 5” low and 2” to the right. After adjusting the sight I fired a round It hit center and to the rights ½” next shot was dead on. I fired the next 5 groups of 2 shots were all with in 1/2 “ and one of them was part in the other hole.

    The rifle functioned so smooth and felt great to shoot. I can honestly say I am pleased with the rifle. Now if I could just shoot worth a dam I would be happy. It got down right cold while I was out and could not work the hands nor control the rifle well so I called it a day and will go back as soon as I have a far day the really shoot.
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    Sounds like a nice morning there opaww. Good, short barrel break in and looks like your results were good. A little fine tuning with the scope and the rounds and you should be dumping 10 rings all day. :D


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    Save your empty brass, and think about reloading some 165 Gr bullets using Varget or W 748 powder. The 308 Win is one fine round that makes small groups from a good rifle.
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    Congratulations on good shooting with a fine rifle and some time well spent.