Range report - Ed Brown Kobra 5"

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    Got a chance to take my brand new Kobra to the indoor range a few days back...
    Pistol was ordered direct from Brown came in at 118 days. I rec'd it on a Tuesday & field stripped/lubed her down real good that night. Was ordered with these specs:
    SS full sized Kobra
    Strong side safety
    10-8 Flat trigger @ 3.5#
    10-8 Rear sight w/.140 notch
    Rear-slide serrations

    My 1st impressions were great. I own another 1911 (SA Loaded Park'd) & I love that gun. Very reliable & accurate. I have over 1500 rounds through the SA with no failures. But as much as I love that gun, the Brown is on a totally different playing field. The construction/fit/finish are miles apart on the two guns.
    All parts of the Brown are total quality and even the smallest metal parts have a heft & feel to them that the SA just does not have & which scream quality
    tool steel. The slide is fit to much higher specifications & while the SA is well broken in as far as the slide/frame rails, the Brown seems to glide even better.
    The trigger of the Brown is superior. Clean & crisp break. The Stainless steel is finished much nicer than the Park'd finish on the SA. All edges of all parts of the Brown are lightly and tastefully and oh so slightly beveled.
    In short, the Brown is very close to perfection or as close as I am likely to ever see. There is one small imperfection in the form of a very small tooling mark on the bottom edge of the right side of the slide. It looks like the tool used to bevel the bottom edge of the slide got away from the person doing the work. This is very small & really almost imperceptable. So small that it will not show up in any picture that I am capable taking.

    Also, I do not mean (in the above) to demean or trash Springfield in any way. It's just that my SA 1911 is (or was) my benchmark & so in describing the
    Brown, it was all I had to compare to.

    I attempted to wait until the weekend to shoot it, but could not. After the Tuesday field strip/lube, I got her to the indoor range on Thursday after work.

    I put a total of 225 rounds through her at three different distances (5 yds, 7 yds & 10 yds) & with 4 different types of ammo:
    Winchester WB 230gr FMJ
    Winchester 185gr round nose
    Federal 230gr FMJ
    Winchester PDX 230gr Bonded HP

    The Brown performed beautifully. Not one failure to feed/cycle. All shots were fired offhand (no benchrested shots) and two handed stances (Weaver and Isoscoles(sp?)). I did have an EGW barrell bushing machined to exact slide & barrel diameter measurements for my SA & this has greatly improved the accuracy of this gun, however the Brown is more accurate than this right out of the box. Both guns are more accurate than I ever will be - but to say that I am pleased with the Brown's accuracy is an understatement. This is a wonderful tool of a pistol & the finest firearm of any type that I have ever owned. You will not do better than Ed Brown if you are looking for an exceptional quality 1911 pistol.

    OK - now that you have suffered through the boring part, I bet you want to see some pics. Well here they are:

    A dirty girl pic just after the 1st range trip:

    Here is a pic of one of the targets. I fired three full mags offhand at each quadrant target (21 rounds each) at 7 yards. Please note that the top right quadrant target is the SA Loaded (for comparison). All other quadrants are the Brown. The bottom left represents the best shooting that I have ever done - period. 21 rounds through one ragged hole:

    And, oh yeah, she cleans up pretty good too:

    OK - thanks for reading/looking. I'm ready to go again!!!
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  2. lonyaeger

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    Very nice range report, nice shootin, and a beautiful pistol! Ed Brown is right there at the pinnacle of custom 1911s. I used to have a Classic Custom....wish I still had her!

    Tell me about those grips!

  3. Txhillbilly

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    Great report.That pistol is a beautiful piece of machinery,I'm jealous!
  4. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Great report! I've got one, but never got around to doing a report.
    Nice Grips.
  5. Olympus

    Olympus New Member

    I'm pretty partial to those grips too! :D

    That's one great looking and great shooting gun you have there. Definitely something to be proud of!
  6. bartwatkins

    bartwatkins Member

    Thanks Adam!!!
    Guys, the grips are custom Snakewood that Adam made for me....
    Browns Custom Grips (dot com) is the place.
    And yes, they are more awesome in person than the camera can show.
  7. CA357

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    That's a beautiful and classic looking pistol and the grips set it off nicely with their contrast. But tell me why the flat trigger? I'm seeing them a bit more frequently, but I don't understand the logic behind them.
  8. MyWorld

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    Sorry but that is one ugly trigger... nice shooting though!
  9. Olympus

    Olympus New Member

    I believe the logic is that you get the same feel no matter where your finger is on the trigger. If your finger is a little high or a little low on an arched trigger, when you squeeze it will tend to roll your finger down to the middle. This can affect accuracy. But a flat trigger gets more consistent squeeze no matter how high or low your finger is.

    At least that's what I've read. I dont own a flat trigger myself, so I can't comment on the practicality. Only the theory.
  10. winds-of-change

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    Great shooting. Beautiful gun. :D
  11. bartwatkins

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    Yes - thanks again Adam...
    I was watching the Crimson Tide put a beat down on the cartoon characters who call themselves the Gators:)
    And had one (or three) too many celebratory Martinis:D last night...

    But yes, that is exactly why I went with the flat trigger. Plus, I also happen to think that they look sweet myself.


  12. MrWray

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    boomer sooner! 
  13. rccalzadilla

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    Drool, drooling, driveling....
    Excess production of saliva....
  14. Boyerracing343

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    Very nice range report and beautiful pistol.
  15. bartwatkins

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    Hey MrWray...
    I can't even begin to think of the Sooners yet - at least not until after the showdown on Nov 5th with LSU.
    After that, who knows. Our two teams may be on a collision course of the BCS Championship kind.
    Roll Tide!

  16. NativH

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    Beautiful pistol. I love my Special Forces EB's and his pistols feel almost obscene in your hand. And I like that.:D
  17. kvtcomdo

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    New Browns

    Great report and pictures.

    Love my Ed Browns as well.

    They are the best.

    Thanks for sharing.:)