Range Report and Overview of FNS40 and SIG SP2022

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    My local indoor gun range does reasonable rental fees, so every now and again I go over at lunch time and rent a couple of handguns just to try out. I usually just put a box of ammo through them and go back to work. Sadly, that's usually all I have the time for.

    Today, since I had a "Shoot Free" pass I decided to rent the SIG SP2022 that I've heard so much about and get some hands-on time with it. I usually pair off with a .22 to fill out my lunch hour but since I had no lane fee I decided to try the FN FNS40. This was also my first time shooting .40 S&W and I was eager to see what it was like. I'm going to cover these each "TTAG" Style (The Truth About Guns) but this is more of a range report on each gun than a full blown review.

    All ratings are on a 5 smiley scale

    FN FNS40

    Style: :cool::cool::cool::cool:
    I like the overall looks of the FNS. I keep hearing how these guns look "cheap" compared to their price but I thought it was solid and appropriately menacing for a full-size handgun. I really like it but I feel the striker fired version just lacks something compared to the FNX but I can't quite put my finger on it. Everything fits together tight and runs smoothly. I couldn't find anything cheap about it

    Ergonomics: ;););););)
    This gun just feels great to me. The grip is actually quite large but I have big hands so it was very natural. Don't like full size Glocks? You probably won't like this either. I appreciated, but don't have much use for, the ambidextrous controls. It's always a nice touch. The safety was up for safe and down for fire, just as God intended. I'm not sure this gun needs a safety but it did split the difference between being too small or 1911 size. I don't think a DAO handgun needs a 1911 style safety but I hate the little tic-tac safeties they tend to stick on these. This one was about perfect.

    I really liked the trigger pull and I think overall the trigger was better than the Glock 17 I fired.

    Accuracy: :):):):)
    I wasn't super impressed and I also admit that I'm not the most experienced DAO guy you'll ever find. After I got used to it I was doing reasonably well. As handguns go I'd say it's as accurate as you'll need it to be and I'd happily say it's good but I won't say great even acknowledging my preference for DA/SA.

    Overall: :D:D:D:D
    I think it's a great pistol. However, I have lots of options in the .40 S&W range and so it is up against fierce competition. I think FN has a great handgun and it makes me want to try a FNX at some point. (Note: Removed line about $600 price tag. I was apparently looking at the higher end guns. The one I shot was more around $520)

    SIG SP2022

    Style: :cool::cool::cool::cool:
    What's the old saying about "You've come a long way baby?" I worked with some deputies who were early adopters of the original SIGPro handguns and I thought they were ugly as sin. The newer SP2022 benefits from a redesign that gives it a rail and removed the odd angled shape on the front of the frame. This looks more like a clost cousin of the P226 and that's a good thing. I've always thought SIG balanced a fine line between utilitarian looks while still having an oddly compelling design.

    Despite being quite a bit cheaper than the P-series, the SP2022 doesn't look like a "cheap" gun and on close inspection everything fits together well and looks top notch.

    Ergonomics: ;);););)
    Well, let's start with the good. The controls, for the most part, are good. I like the extended slide release lever, it's a great design. Feels good in the hand, nice trigger, and generally just seems like a good gun to fire.

    However, I do have to take off for two things. One, the decocker is oddly positioned and difficult to reach. If you're not going to offer a safety, at least make the decocker easier to engage. Two, the grips are small. I was firing with what they gave me at the range so I don't know if there are other backstraps that come with the standard gun, but my hand overflowed the grip and even with the magazine inserted it still felt oddly small. That may be great for smaller shooters but I'm not a big guy, I just have big hands. I wonder if the grips are not just a little too small.

    Accuracy: :):):):)
    Very much not bad. I didn't go in with high expectations and after shooting the FNS40 I wasn't exactly feeling like Mr. Confident but I thought the SIG did alright. I feel funny giving it the same score as the FNS40 but I didn't feel like either pistol was great. For shooting this the first time I did pretty close to how I do with other handguns that I actually own and that was within 50 rounds. With a little practice I think I could outshoot my Ruger P89 easily but I have a feeling this will fall a little short of other 9mm handguns I've fired.

    Overall: :D:D:D:D
    I want to give this 4 and a half so bad just to outdo the FNS40, but with the ergonomic issues and the fact that it wasn't appreciably more accurate I just can't objectively do it. Still, this is an awesome pistol for something I see usually going for $450.

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