Range Report #2: Smith and Wesson Sigma SW40VE (.40 S&W)

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    Here's a brief rundown of my Sigma's performance today.


    - Same as describe in my range report for my Glock 21.

    Condition of Pistol:

    - NIB and properly oiled with standard gun oil in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

    Ammunition Details:

    - Blazer 180 Grain FMJ factory made ammunition (estimated around 950-1000 feet per second)


    - This pistol surprised me in regards to how well it performed today. No malfunctions were encountered. This pistol was fired in exactly the same ways as my Glock 21 in my first range report. The groupings were about the same as the Glock 21 groupings.

    - The trigger pull is harder than most people would tolerate, but it was no issue for me. The pistol felt very comfortable in hand, and the recoil was typical for a .40 S&W round. Recoil was slightly "snappier" than the Glock 21, but was still easy to control.

    - The sights were of the same caliber as the Glock 21 sights. This pistol is very dependable and of good quality for the price.

    - I give this pistol a GO.
  2. fxstchewy

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    I think the S&W 40VE pistols are underrated, i like mine and have never had ANY issues, goes boom everytime I pulled the trigger.

  3. lal357

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    had one for about a year now changed out the spring to a glock3.5lb lightened up the trigger a bit . when i first got it it shot low 4" but grouped well at 20yrds with 165 gr bullets reloaded some 180gr jhps @950-1000fps 2 weeks ago grouped 3" at 20yrds dead on recoil snappy but ok gonna try some 180gr lead flatpoints today chart says 850fps . i like the gun better than a glock feels good in my hand .i'm lookng at getting a national match comp'd barrel soon to put in it found one for 180.00