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This is my official range report for my Glock model 21 .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol (1st generation model)


- Outdoors
- Temp was 45 F
- Weather was sunny with very light left to right winds at 2-5 mph variable


- Blazer 230 Grain FMJ factory made ammunition(estimated around 850 feet per second)

Condition of Glock 21:

- Previously used (LE trade in), but clean and well-lubricated with standard gun oil in accordance with manufacturer instructions.


- The Glock 21 demonstrated a high degree of reliability during the function test. Absolutely zero malfunctions of any kind were encountered. The sidearm was fired with both hands, one hand, cocked to the side, and upside down with zero feeding problems.

- All spent casings were positively ejected either to my right or directly straight up. Some casings hit my arms, but this did not affect my concentration. Novice shooters may need to get used to this fact in order to maintain proper sight picture on center of mass.

- Targets were engaged at 7 yards and 15 yards. The Glock 21 was grouping at 4 inches firing from off-hand at a rate of one round per second. All groupings were at point of aim. When fired at a rate of 3 rounds per second (rapid fire), all groupings were maintained in a 6-8 inch area.

- Several drills were conducted with the Glock 21 to include; Point blank engagment, Shooting while backing up, Shooting while moving from side to side, Point shooting, and Shooting one handed. The Glock 21 performed flawlessly in all drills.

- Rough and fine sight picture weres easy to acquire and maintain with the factory sights.

- The excellent design of this pistol kept recoil and muzzle climb to a minimum, which allowed for maximum rounds on target in the quickest amount of time.

- I recommend this pistol for anyone looking for a very serviceable and dependable home defense or duty weapon. The bulk of this model of Glock may make it hard for carry conceal, but it is possible.

My rating system is either GO or NO GO. I rate this pistol an absolute GO.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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