Range report 09-10-10, Off-hand shoot

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    Range report

    Date: 09-10-10
    Time: 0800
    Temp: 61-65 Deg. F.
    Humidity: 100% Light to Med. rain
    Barometric Pressure: 29.00 in
    Altitude: 300’ Above Sea Level
    Wind: 0 mph./ Actual wind: 0 mph
    Range: 100 yards
    Caliber: 308Win.
    Case: Winchester Brass
    Bullet: Hornady 168gr. HPBT Match
    Powder: RL-15
    Powder weight: 44.0grs
    Primer: CCI 200 (Large Rifle)
    Overall Cartridge Length: 2.796
    Estimated Velocity: 2600fps
    Rifle: Howa 1500
    Barrel length: 24” BBL
    Scope: SightMark 4-16x44 Standard MilDot
    Steady Rest: Bi-pod

    I choose to shoot off hand today, sense it has been a while sense I had done any off hand shooting. As you can see I need more range time shooting left handed.

    5 shot groups, Starting with the center for my cold bore.

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  2. Gordo323

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    Nothing to be ashamed of there, he!!, that's better than I do right handed!
    I don't know if I can even hold a gun left handed let alone hitting anything with it.

  3. CA357

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    I don't know what you're complaining about. I realize it may not quite be minute of gnat's azz, but it's pretty good shooting, especially off hand.
  4. Shihan

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    Looks darn good to me. It would look like a shot it with Buckshot, if it were my target.