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    Im new to the AR platform and want to set some goals for my practice time. When shooting a AR type weapon at in indoor range (with a max distance of 75 feet using iron sights from a standing position) what size groups should I reasonably strive to shoot? And what drills would help to safely improve accuracy? The range has a variety of classes that I can take, in the meantime any suggestions from y'all? My goal here is to achieve some decent close quarter skills and then move to the outside range in warmer weather.
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    I would suggest first seeing if they will let you use a chair to have a supported position to zero the rifle before worrying about grouping while standing.

    This will give you an understanding of the weapon and build your confidence.

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    what he said. start first by getting as stable as possible to get yourself a good zero. i understand that you say you want some CQB skills, however please take this advise. start off slow. dont go shooting fast or trying to mimic what you may see on tv or movies right away. the key to being a good shot and moving fast is by starting as a goodshot when moving slow. you need to focus on the fundamentals, technique, and how you and your rifle function together. i highly suggest dry fire practice in between range trips. you want to really learn your breath and trigger control. you want to be able to pick up your rifle and have it automatically go into your shoulder in the right position. once you know your rifle like its an extra arm then move onto more indepth things like acquiring your sights, and target faster and shooting faster. but if you cant do it slowly at first you will never be good at it at a faster pace. just practice practice practice!!

    also take note. there is a big difference between CQB accuracy and that of just target, or plinking accuracy. when your target or plinking your genrally going for slower more accurate bullseye hits. when going for CQB there is a term called combat accuracy. you are going for all of your shots hitting a much larger vital area than just a bullseye.
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