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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zhuk, May 24, 2010.

  1. zhuk

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    Just a bit of a whiny rant...feeling the need to vent so thought I'd inflict on your poor guys :D

    Due to some remarkably infantile range politics, my club has been banned from the pistol range nor can we shoot .22 metallic silhouette...been 3 weeks now and no end in sight as yet. Spurious claims of 'ricochets' were thrown around by some rather usual suspects who have been instrumental in attempting to hamper our use of facilities for a while now...despite the 20-odd years without problem, and no incidents of said 'ricochets' (if there ever were any) proven. Seems like it only applies to us, as another pistol club can use it no problem.

    Fortunately! we still have use of the service rifle range, so the usual club rifle comps can go ahead - at least until another stupid claim is made...

    Really miss playing with handguns though :( and the shotgun range has had such a restrictive template imposed (again supposedly due to our 'ricochets') there's very little point in bothering...no one would be able to follow the clays past a couple degrees from vertical.

    Have been thinking maybe I should be saving for a bolt action rather than a pistol now! dammit :rolleyes:

    OK...OK...that felt a little better lol...normal service is now resumed :p
  2. danf_fl

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    Sounds like another attempt to restrict your freedom of choice more than a safety issue. If one group can remove another that is not well organized, the first group then has acquired the knowledge and bravery to go after a well organized group. IMO, this "...saving for a bolt action rather than a pistol..." appears to me to be a way they are successfully removing handguns.

  3. zhuk

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    I know it sounds like it, but this bullsh*t isn't being instigated by the Government; so it's not an underhanded way to remove handguns per se at any official level. But rather a club affliated with the organisation who leases the range from the Commonwealth - an umbrella association which my club is not linked to. Without going into details, its been a long campaign of undermining from these certain elements...and another pistol club hasn't been restricted, so the bias is all too clear.

    I just hope we get our range rights back...unfortunately its the same association which has to look into the claims so an impartial, timely decision might be too much to expect :(
  4. mrm14

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    Sounds like to me that the other club is getting larger in members and shooters and want / need more time at your pistol range to accomodate their growth. Possibly they wrote a perverbial check their azz cant cash to their members to accomodate more shooters in their club and they politically "Rat Effed" your club with dirty back door petty politics at your shooting range to get more practice and match time slots there.

    Or, possibly your club kicks their clubs azz too much in shooting match and they dont like that. Just guessing here.

    Possible idea here. Approach the range management and see if they have enough land to support another pistol range. Your club, if they have the resolve to do so, could put one togeather there for your use.

    There are several pistol clubs at the range that I go to and I believe they all mostly have put togeather or made improvements to existing facilities as a group or individually their own areas within the land that the shooting range owns.
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    All good suggestions, mrm. Unfortunately its all bureaucratically horribly complicated!

    In fact my club is actually one the largest in membership operating on this particular range (180+ members, even though only a hard core of about 50-60 regularly turn up - and that's sizeable compared to most). Each club has it's own range use decided by the Range User's Committee made up of reps from all clubs, so you can't get extra time or new areas allocated as we can only shoot generally once a week, and there can only be one pistol range allowed on the land (hell we are lucky the Govt gives us that!)

    The sticking point is it's all overseen by the primary lessee who in fact control pretty much every centrefire range in the State, as they were given control by the Govt after the army vacated these areas years ago. It is this body who is thwarting us along with a small connected club (who does their dirty work making these spurious 'charges') because they have the ability to throw their weight around.

    It really has become a personal crusade on these 'tinpot generals' part...court cases have been pending for a long time, so we'll just have to hold our breath & wait and see. It's just all come to a head recently....and we're getting a bit pissed off now. So hence the rant :rolleyes:

    (We don't usually compete in inter-club shoots so any sour grapes on that front can be discounted!)