Range Officer in 9mm?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by mikebz5, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. mikebz5

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    I recently bought a SA Range Officer 45 cal and love the damn thing to death! However, 1000 rds in 3 weeks hits the wallet pretty hard. Is it possible to get a 2nd barrel of the same quality in 9mm in order to get some cheaper shooting in?

    And yes, I already have a 22.

    First post btw, longtime lurker.
  2. smoooth308

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    First off welcome to the forums! Head over to the introduction section and introduce yourself.

    Secondly I'm not a 1911 pro or even a 1911 owner(yet:)) got one in my sights though, and I'm sure Cane will step in and correct me, but from what I've read I don't believe you can convert the .45 to .9mm due to the way the barrel seating is. I believe you can with .38 super because the two rounds are similar in size.

    You could always just get another cheaper 1911 in 9mm. I know Rock Island Armory makes a pretty nice one and the price tag is under 500 bucks.

    Not sure if I'm correct on this, some one will correct me.

  3. danf_fl

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    There is more than just changing the barrel involved.

    The .45 slide breech face does not work with 9mm's. So we are talking a new slide and slide parts.
    The ejector will not touch the rim of the 9mm, so that has to be changed as well.
    The feed ramp is designed for .45, so a job has to be done on the ramp so 9mm works.
    The slide stop is designed for .45 magazines, so we have to get another one of those.

    Oh, and the .45 magazines do not hold the 9mm too well, so we have to replace those suckers, too.

    Adding the costs and I come up with an amount that would allow me to purchase a 1911 that has already been done in 9mm.

    For me, that reasoning gives me an excuse to purchase another 1911.
  4. sputnik1988

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    I don't think you're going to save much if you do a conversion. Have you tried the cheap steel cased ammo? Maybe Tula?
  5. Axxe55

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    i think Dan covered it pretty good on what it would take to convert it to 9mm. my suggestion would be to either buy another pistol in 9mm or possibly do what i did after adding another pistol in the same caliber, (45ACP) buy a set of dies and reload them. now if you don't reload, might be time to consider starting to. a pound of powder will reload a lot of ammo! another option is to look into buying in bulk, as some places, the more you buy, the bigger the discounts. just something to think over, and enjoy the Range Officer!
  6. mikebz5

    mikebz5 New Member

    Thanks for your answers guys!
  7. kycol

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    Yes if you know anyone with a rock island ask to check it out. They are great 1911 and around here the come in at around 400
  8. Overkill0084

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    If you're going to continue shoot similar quantities, even 9 mm is going to add up. I'm thinking you need to investigate reloading.
  9. canebrake

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    1. The short answer is NO.

    2. The slightly longer is buy a dedicated 9mm gun.

    3. Or if you got bags of money, spend 3X what a new 9 mike mike gun would cost and send your RO to a smith for re-do. (And wait for him to sort out the issues like feed ramp mod, bushing or bull barrel mod, spring testing [firing pin, recoil, main spring, & everything dan listed.] ya know now that I've listed some of the issues, see 1 above.)

    Go with #2