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Range membership

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What is the average cost to get a membership at at a range?
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I am a member at two, one costs $40 and one costs $50 for a family.

The $40 range has an indoor handgun range that you pay $5 everytime you use it, 100 yard max outdoor range. No skeet or aerial targets.

The $50 range is outdoor only out to 300 yards. Has a couple of manual skeet throwers and offers trap leagues. Also has a sporting clay course.
My gun range is $30 a year per person
My gun range membership is $150.00 per year and seniors are $75.00 per year. Range membership here also includes NRA membership if you don't already have one.

For public rifle, pistol, & competition ranges, non-members pay $14.00 and members only pay $3.00.

For shotgun, non-members pays $6.00 per round and members pay $4.00 per round.

Also, for two days a week only members can be there.

For as much as I shoot a membership is worth it.

You have to be a member to get onto competition ranges and usually the various clubs that shoot competitions have their own annual fees if you join them plus entry fees for competing in a match where prizes are awarded. However, most clubs will let you shoot with them for a small day fee and of course the same entrance fee for a match would apply even for a member paying a day fee with one of these clubs.
depends on your area.

in wisconsin range yearly fees can be pricey. but there arent many public non-club ranges.

most clubs require yearly dues plus an avg of 100hours of work.

public ones avg 200-300$ a year i go to a public one thats around 300$ a year but its close and i shoot enough to way more than offset the costs by their non member daily charge which is 20$
I was a member of a trap and skeet club that charged $100 per year. The only real benefit was that you paid $4 per round rather than $6.
Another club that offers a rifle range along w/ pistol and trap and skeet charged $300 per year and you are also required to "help out," attend meetings, and work at their sponsored gun shows. That's too much involvement for me. They also offer various competitions one of which I was interested in; and, that was rifle, but you are required to shoot prone and I physically can't do that so the hell with them.
I envy the guys who know guys who have their own land and or private places to shoot. I don't have any friends because I am a grouchy opinionated old fart that no one wants to be around for very long, so I'll just continue to go to the county owned public range that charges $5 per day to shoot.
mine 175.00 a year. there are more expensive out there.
I pay $165 per year and that includes a members only pistol range, multipurpose range, shotgun range, and 100/200 yard range. We can bring our own clays and shoot all the skeet/trap we want for free. I think it's a pretty good deal. I've often got a range to myself when I go. They also have a public range that's separate from the private ranges and that costs $10 per shooter.
$150 a year, no daily fees. Py for the clays if you want to shoot trap. 7 days a week, outdoors, covered firing lines, gunsmith on premises. Must be NRA member.

Another outdoor private club in this area is about $600, waiting list.
At one range, $120 a year, on the other it's about $15 a visit.
Ours is $200 per year for family use. Otherwise it's about $15.00 per trip and we go about every weekend.
$40 for a year for the family. outdoor range with covered stations, 300 yard max.
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