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    Finally got to take my PSA build out to the range today for some fun. I didn't really get to sight it in as I'd like to but I was able to pop some beer bottles in under 100 yards without too much challenge (farthest the range goes is 107). Anyways, I'm gonna try and post some videos in with my pictures. What are y'all's opinion on my stance? That was my main concern today was working on the correct stance. Also, am I dressed tactical enough for this weapon?? ;)

    Here's the gun:
    PSA 14.7" pinned upper
    Samson rail (love it)
    Mid-length gas system
    M&P lower
    Magpul stock and grip
    Troy DiOptic rear Diamond sight
    Troy HK style front

    This is my first mid-length gas system to own and I don't believe I will ever go back to carbine. There is no felt recoil and almost no heat on the rail after a couple of mags ran through fairly fast. I love it!



    Edit: ignore my YouTube name. It's from my freshman year of high school a longggggg time ago

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    Try different stances and see what works best for you. With the one you're using now some disadvantages might be mobility, movement and balance.