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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by NGIB, Oct 18, 2010.

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    My son & I spent yesterday afternoon at the range and it was long overdue. I wanted to test out 4 I hadn't shot yet: Boomer, SP101, Springer Lightweight Champion, and Sig P228. My son shot his XD Tactical .40, a Dan Wesson .357, and his Sig Mosquito.

    First up was the SP101. I started out with some 158gr .38 Special range fodder. It took me a few rounds to get used to the sights but it shot well. For a smallish gun, it's comfortable to shoot. Once I was putting the rounds where they should go, I switched to some mild (Blazer) 158gr .357 Magnum loads. Put 3 cylinders through it and it performed perfectly. Even with the Magnum loads it was comfortable to shoot and did throw a nice fireball. This one is certified a keeper.

    Next up was the OD green Springer alloy frame 1911. I was using Wilson 47s and Blazer Brass FMJ. Put the first 100 rounds down range with 100% reliability. No problems to report and it shot to POA. A tad more recoil due to the alloy frame but very easy to shoot and keep on target. I am well pleased with this gun also.

    Up third was the CPO Sig 228 I recently got on Gunbroker. It functioned flawlessly and I put 150 rounds of FMJ downrange with no failures of any kind. Switched to Gold Dots and put 25 on target again with no problems. This one is a joy to shoot and the 228/229 sized guns are just about "perfect" in my opinion. If I ever decide to get really involved in IDPA - this is the gun I'll use as I have nice carry gear for it.

    Last was Boomer, the modified Springer Mil-Spec fitted with the .460 Rowland kit. My son moved away from me as I loaded this beast up as he didn't want to be close by if it exploded. I was truly amazed when I touched off the first round as I could tell from the concussion and fireball I was shooting a monster - yet the compensator works so well the recoil was just a tad more than a normal .45 defensive round. I was firing just 3 round mags and I was amazed at the accuracy of the kit - my first 3 rounds at 10 yards went into the X-ring easily. I put about 25 rounds through it and I had no problems at all as the gun functioned perfectly. My son put 3 rounds through it as well and was really amazed at how docile it was to shoot. It did get the attention of everyone on the range and I answered a lot of questions from interested shooters.

    Once I wrapped up my day's shooting, I spent the rest of the time working with my son on his technique. We went over the fundamentals of grip, stance and trigger control and the lessons helped him a bunch. This was the first time in his life he shot a revolver and he did very well. He liked the Dan Wesson so much that he's "adopted" it as his home defense gun.

    All in all it was a great day and the father-son time was priceless to me...
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    This only confirms my need for a full size 1911 and a 460 kit. My experience with the SP101 was very similar. You can run that thing until you can hardly touch the cylinder and then some.
    Great report, NGIB!

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    Great day!

    +1 on father-son thing! I've had some really wonderful time at the range with my son.

    Oh yes, mark me down as envious of your toys! :)
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    I'm glad you like boomer. I envy you your father/son time. I wish I could spend time with my son like that.
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    It was great Bear and it only cost me 1 gun!
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    Glad to hear the range time with your son was good. Surprised that the Roland recoil was so minimal. Thanks for the report.
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    Great stuff Dave.
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    Great to see the father/son time at the range. I don't get much of that anymore, although momma and I took the grandkids out to shoot on Sunday, thunder showers and all. Little KJ loved shooting his little 10/22 in the rain. Sounds like the .460 Rowland worked great. I had the chance to try one a few years back and liked it....

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    A good day at the range beats almost anything all to heck...:D
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    father and son

    Yes, me to on the father/son deal. Great for anyone who gets to do that. Mine is 25 year's old, likes to shoot my rifles and handguns (and my ammo), but on his own with his friends. Think he uses them to make friends which is wrong. You know, the "my dad has thisorthat gun, let's go shooting tomorrow".

    What to do. That's not even a question.