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    I started keeping a log book at the pistol range some time ago. A range book makes a lot of sense on the rifle range, but apparently is not really common practice on the pistol range. It's useful for a few reasons, however. I noticed that on some days I was just loading and shooting, and not really following proper technique. Whether it's because I buy ammo in bulk and I stop paying attention to every round (rifle ammo is expensive compared to pistol ammo) or just lack of discipline, it started to worry me. Someone posted on these forums a few months ago that "practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." Sage advice.

    Maintaining a log book helped a lot with perfect practice. For one, it forces me to step away from the lane (in a fugurative sense) and really think about what I was doing. For another, it makes it easier to see trends across days and weeks. For example, when I shoot certain types of .40 caliber ammo, I tend to pull my shots high. Now there's a lot of human variation on a day to day basis that cannot be pinned down, but general trends are easier to spot. From a maintenance standpoint, it's also useful. I know how many rounds have gone through each barrel. I know what ammo works with what gun.

    Anyhoo, some of the data I capture:
    Date, time of day (roughly), Gun, Distance, Ammo, Lane #, number of shots, FTF/FTE, misfeeds and of course shot placement.
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    For some added info, add outside temperature.
    That will affect the performance of ammo.

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    I have a log book I keep in my range bag. Not for the details that you keep, though. I just put in the date I went shooting, what range I was at, how many rounds of each caliber I put through my revolver. If I shoot with others and they are kind enough to let me shoot their guns (and they always are) I right down what other guns I've shot, the caliber, a short description (so I can remember which is which) and whether I liked it or not.
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    I believe I said "Practice makes perfect. But since nobody is perfect why practice?" then some one else said that i might as well kill myself. it was kinda a joke. I think I saw it on a bumper sticker sometime and I just remembered it.