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    Rugged Radios is pleased to present two way radio rentals for your event, fair, party or other gathering where clear, reliable communications is of the utmost importance!

    An unlimited amount of radios are available for rentals for your event. Along with the radios themselves, single or 6 bank chargers are available, as well as hearing protection noise canceling headsets, speaker mics or low profile ear mics are able to be used.

    Rates are as follows, with a 3 day minimum. (picking up on a Friday afternoon and returning on a Monday morning would count as a 3 day rental):

    Radios: $3 per radio, per day. (charger included)
    Headsets, Speaker Mics or Ear Mics: $3 per radio, per day.

    Credit Card will be necessary for an authorization (not charge) for full pricing as insurance. Upon return of radios you will only be charged actual rental fees.

    We utilize VHF BlackBox radios, a professional 4 watt two way radio with a 4-5 mile range.


    Any questions or to reserve your rental, email or call us at 1-888-541-7223!
    Thanks and have a great day! Rugged Radios - Rugged Race Products, Rugged Radios is the #1 Racing Radios Communications Manufacturer 888-541-7223