r.i. anti gun bull

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    OPPOSE HB 5010.

    This bill would increase the fee 150 percent for a License to Conceal Carry a Weapon (LCCW) and would provide that nonresident permits be valid for only one year.

    I took the time to send a note to ALL the reps on the list!

    This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous . Will this extra money make any difference in the mess R.I. is in?? We already have to jump through hoops to get a license to carry a weapon already covered by the 2nd amendment. Will raising the price of permits keep guns out of the hands of criminals??? When was the last time you heard of a home invasion by 3 attackers with legal guns and lccw permits??? I am not a "conspiracy theory guy", but why make it difficult and expensive for law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms? If you feel this way please send a note ...immediately AndyB

    The State of Rhode Island General Assembly