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    I keep seeing anti-gunners/anti-Americans quote the CDC in their posts about the amount of deaths involving guns. None how ever provide a link to their data, nor do they divide the data into proper categories. You can look up the data for yourself here.
    Injury Mortality Reports



    Homicide w/firearms = 12,632
    Suicide w/firearms = 17,352
    Total 29,984

    I have even read anti-gunners saying that 1,000 people die in the U.S. every day by guns. Which is ridicules at the least, more like stupid.

    What is not said here is that the Homicide w/firearms also includes deaths from a low abiding citizen who uses their firearms to protect life. This data is included in the total number of Homicides sense the CDC does not recognize self defense as a legitimate reason to kill others. To the CDC all Homicides are the same except Legal intervention by LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officer).

    LEO’s are listed separate from all the other deaths from firearms. LEO only accounted for 351 Legal Intervention Firearms deaths, and 61 Legal Intervention Non-Firearms related deaths for 2007 according to the data from the CDC.


    2007, All Injury, = 18,361

    Medical care, adverse effects, = “Blank” I would say because this deals with medical profession and they do not want to show any adverse effect toward Dr. (just my guess)
    Cut/Pierce, = 1,981
    Drowning, = 49
    Fall, = this is a negative sense there were not enough people being pushed off balconies to justify a report.
    Fire/Burns, = 141
    Non-Firearm, = 5,729 (this is its own category, and what falls in it I have no idea.)
    Poisoning, = 85
    Struck by/against, = 173
    Suffocation, = 637
    Transportation overall, = 30
    Other specified, classifiable deaths, = 186
    Other specified/NEC, = 586
    Unspecified, = 1,846
    Total non-Firearms Homicides, = 11,443, the total figures do not add up sense the disparity between All Injury’s and total non-firearms Homicides is 6,918.

    The sub-total number of Homicides non-firearms and firearms related = 30,993 – 6,918 disparity = 24,075. To be truly accurate in the figures of Homicides we need to know the total number of Justifiable Homicides non-LEO related, (You and I) which the CDC does not list. A conservative estimate would be about 10% of the total that fall under Justifiable Homicide.

    Homicide by Firearms, = 12,632 (remember that your use of a firearms to defend life is considered just a Homicide to the CDC)

    Still far less then the total number of Transportation-related over all deaths = 46,067
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    2007, All Injury, = 34,598

    Medical care, adverse effects, = “Blank”
    Cut/Pierce, = 619
    Drowning, = 358
    Fall, = 731
    Fire/Burns, = 157
    Non-Firearm, = 17,246 (again this its own category)
    Poisoning, = 6,358
    Struck by/against, = (Not enough to count)
    Suffocation, = 8,161
    Transportation overall, = 131
    Other specified, classifiable deaths, = 331
    Other specified/NEC, = 236
    Unspecified, = 163
    Total non-Firearms Suicides, = 34,491 the total figures with a disparity between All Injury’s and total non-firearms Suicides is 107.

    The total number of Suicides for 2007 is 51,950 +/- 107 disparity, almost the total number of people killed in automobile accidents every year.

    Transportation-related over all, = 46,067

    This indicates that there is just over twice the number of non-firearms Suicides then Suicides with Firearms.

    Just a note here, not all categories of Suicides are covered here such as hangings, though they may throw this in under the Suffocation because most who die from Suicide by hanging Suffocate to death.

    Suicide by Firearms, = 17,352


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    They don't want the ACTUAL number out there, they don't care about the actual numbers if the first place. It is about the end goal the Progressive cares about. One Global government, everyone disarmed, back to the middle ages with you peasants!!

    Thanks for th link and the post opaww!!
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    +1 That pretty much sums it up. The first question I ask when someone spouts off about how many firearms deaths their are each year is to ask them how many automobile deaths are there? Almost unanimously they are shocked by the number yet they won't extend their rational to ban automobiles? :confused:

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    Sam Clemens said that there are three types of lies: "Lies, damn lies and statistics".
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    Much of the time, you can cite whatever statistics you want and if it sounds legitimate enough, very few people will actually verify what you say. Most people are lazy. Many people are stupid. And they vote. :mad:
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    I would like to see the true, yearly number of legal gun owners who have killed some one illegally, as in NOT a self defense shooting. That number would probably make the gun-grabbers start stuttering and mumbling!
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    Naw. They'd just piss and whine that those numbers were "made up" by the gun-toting right wing extremists and continue on with their mindless, factless drivel against guns and their owners.
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    Gun Facts is a pretty good start. Data sources are included.
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    I read once that more people are killed and injured yearly due to bath tub related accidents than due to firearms - dang, whodathunk showers were so dangerous!? :eek: