Quinn Will Try Again For Gun Legislation

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    With more of his "save the children" crap......

    Quinn Will Try Again For Gun Legislation in Ill. Veto Session

    October 22, 2013 4:47 AM

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) - Gov. Pat Quinn says mandatory minimum sentences on gun crimes aren’t the only solution to gun violence in Illinois.

    Quinn favors a more comprehensive approach that also addresses high capacity gun magazines.

    “Those weapons were used in Newtown, Conn. to kill children, and they were used on the parks of Chicago to shoot at children,” Quinn said.

    A bill sponsored by State Rep. Mike Zalewski (D-Riverside) would impose stricter sentences for aggravated use of a weapon and gun crimes committed by felons.

    Similar legislation died in a House committee in the spring, but Zalewski believes there’s enough support to pass it during the veto session.

    Quinn also expressed concerns about the potential price of the bill. The Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council says the additional inmates in the state’s justice system would cost the state $131 million a year.
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    Steady, I probably don't have to tell you, anybody in Illinois who thought Quinn, Emmanuel and the rest of the Chicago/Springfield crowd would go away quietly were/are sadly mistaken. You will grow old waiting for CC. Glad I got out when I did.

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    So he's insinuating those that will obtain CCW license are going to end up as inmates? Need we remind him of the track record of Illinois Governors and the location they tend to retire in?
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    There was a real study done a couple years ago. You stand an 80% higher chance of going to prison after being governor of IL than having committed murder.
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    Quinnby..... uckfay imhay

    his bumbling blithering idiot soundbytes should go straight to the voiceover file for an appropriate seth macfarland character....

    is it rare that his voice and inability to speak is such good fit for the dumb look and blank stare he always has plastered across his face?
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    No action on contentious gun bill as Illinois House adjourns

    SPRINGFIELD — Illinois lawmakers wrapped up their fall veto session Thursday without taking action on a controversial gun bill.

    The measure has been pushed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a way to crack down on the city's crime.

    It would increase sentences for ex-cons and known gang members who illegally possess guns, requiring them to serve 85 percent of their prison terms, rather than the 50 percent required under current law.

    One version of the bill also would have required one-year prison sentences for first-time offenders.

    The bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Michael Zalewski, D-Riverside, met opposition from both black leaders and gun-rights supporters -- two factions that don't often side with each other on gun issues.

    Pro-gun lawmakers, including Rep. Jerry Costello II, a Smithton Democrat, feared that a gun owner's simple mistake, such as forgetting to renew a gun permit or loaning a car to someone, could result in a prison sentence for an otherwise law-abiding Illinoisan.

    "Let's say you're at your parents' house for Christmas, and you ask your nephew to run up to the store to get a bag of ice. In the meantime, he gets in a wreck, somebody hits the car," Costello said. "If by chance I have a gun in the car, it would be a mandatory sentence."

    Such a scenario wouldn't be so far-fetched with the implementation of the state's new concealed-carry law, which in some situations will require gun owners to leave their weapons in their vehicles, Costello said.

    Some African-American leaders argued that the focus should be on rehabilitation programs for offenders, not prison. The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday came to the Capitol to lobby against the bill.

    Jackson called the gun measure "broad sweeping justice." He said jails already are overcrowded and the focus should be on education and jobs, "not incarceration."

    Costello said the bill has now been stripped of any provisions that increase penalties for first-time offenders.

    Black members of the House used a procedural measure that blocked the House from voting on the bill Thursday, the final day of the legislature's two-week veto session.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    Read more here: http://www.bnd.com/2013/11/07/2890159/no-action-on-contentious-gun-bill.html#storylink=cpy
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    I really dont have a problem with prosecuting crimes committed with the assistance of a firearm tougher than without one. I dont care if its a toy gun, only if someone they are intimidating with it thinks its real. Those who commit crimes with firearms deserve max plus 2 years for multiple crimes against the populace including devaluation and limitation of our BOR's for criminal activities.

    Even that area gets grey when the crime itself is possession of a firearm with no intent to commit any crime or when exceeding legal capacity is the crime itself. Those crimes are created by republicrats like a trap not perpetrated by citizens as a crime against their neighbors.
  8. steadyshot

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    Problem is, prosecutors will often drop gun related charges in plea deals in order to get an easy conviction or guilty plea...

    There are adequate laws on the books right now. The problem is enforcement of current and existing laws is lacking in some areas...
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    Your correct, we have plenty of laws on the books, we could probably get rid of half of them and still prosecute every crime we need to.

    The Soft on Prosecution thing isnt just gun crimes, they are downsizing punishments every day for the sake of quick and cheap prosecutions and convictions. The average killer in Syracuse NY has 5 to 15 catch and releases in their background before they reach the ripe old age of 18 when they will be treated like an adult (or not).


    We had a recent "White Buffalo" attack locally where a teen identified his victim (a 70 year old man), confronted him, beat and kicked him to death till his eyes literally popped out of his head, all just for kicks! They cant convict him of Murder for some reason, WTF!!!!!!
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    Leave your FOID at home do $150 days in jail. Nice bill jack *** Emanuel!