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  1. MattShlock

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    Anybody used, or at least provisioned, with Z-Medica's QuickClot Sport and/or the Sport Silver?

    The military uses them in the field. These days it is a mesh sponge with the mineral zeolite that absorbs water in the blood, leaving only the larger platelets and cloting molecules behind. It stops big bleeds in three to five minutes, according to the Armed Forces.

    The Sport Silver includes natural antibiotic silver and is much more expensive but BOTH are pricey. I was reminded of them because I ripped open a shin today getting into my car when I slammed it into an open compartment door edge like someone hitting me with a dull hatchet. It hurt like heck but I couldn't look at it for a while. I cleaned the big surface wound with 90%+ alcohol when I got home (man did I see stars!) and put an oversized sport "band-aid" bandage on it with antibiotic ointment. I was reminded I only have two 3.5"x3.5" QuickClots in my GHB -- one is Silver.

    These are really only to be used when extreme bleeding cannot otherwise be stopped, as in by simple pressure, until proper aid can be obtained. They do not repair skin, do not reconnect severed arteries, etc. But when you are surviving out of a bag they could come in handy...

    Thoughts? Best places to buy? Alternatives (little styptic pencils, stop-bleeding powders which get crud stuck inside the wound, Crazy Glue single serving 5-packs...)!?

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  2. Yunus

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    I thought they were carcinogenic, I could be wrong it's been a few years since my training on them. I mean if it's a truly life threatening injury then who cares but we were warned repeatedly to only use them in a life and death situation.

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    I keep a quickclot sponge in my truck along with some gauze,bandages,medical tape. Wouldn't use it unless it was an emergency but its there none the less.
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    Most carcinogens take repeated exposure to cause cancer.
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    I have a couple of QuickClot packets in each of my first aid kits.