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    :confused:Ok, I found a great deal on an SKS, and the site says they are russian surplus, and more than 50 years old. I want to buy them, but I would have to import the rifles, as the company is based in Canada. When I asked them for advice, they said that the paperwork would be done on my end, and couldn't really help that much.

    I have no C&R FFL, but am 18 years old so my question is:

    How hard is it to get a C&R FFL?

    What are some obstacles that may face me for the importation part?

    Who can I turn to for RELIABLE legal advice? Are the phonelines the ATF lists on their website actually helpful?
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    It is not difficult to get a C&R FFL. In your case, there is a waiting period of 3 years. Since you have to be 21 to get a FFL.

    The other part of your dilemma- you are not an importer. A C&R does not permit you to import firearms. That is a whole 'nother set of problems. There ARE companies that do imports. Figure their charges are around $300-$500. plus shipping to a FFL in your home state. Then add HIS fee to doing the paperwork for transfer to you. $25-$100. So now you have about $650 tied up in an SKS- plus the purchase price. Still look like a good deal?

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    You'll have about as much luck getting an SKS imported from Canada as a snowball will on a Texas sidewalk in August. Don't beat your head against this wall, it will just hurt.
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    Man, it seemed like such a good deal too. Thanks for the early warning.