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    Okay, just so I understand, a 150 or 170 gr. is the weight of the actual bullet and a starting grain of somthing like 24.5 is the amount of gun powder you put in the case?

    Also, can the 32-20 WCF be fired from the 32-20 colt revolver? I was using the round that said 32-20 on the bag but it didn't say anything about WCF, so I didn't know if I could use the 32-20 WCF on the 32-20 Colt.
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    Yes, 150 or 170 grains would be the weight of the bullet. A starting grain weight would be the amount of the specific powder. That's the point where you start. The manual will also list a maximum charge. That's the upper limit for that bullet weight and specific powder. Don't go over that weight!

    Here's some info I happen to have on my desk:
    .41 Rem Mag
    210 grain Hornady XTP ( this is the bullet weight, brand and type)
    H110 (the brand of powder)
    Starting load= 19.8 grains (this is where you start with H110 powder and hornady XTP bullets0
    Maximum load=22 grains (this is the max load with this bullet powder combo)
    All the above is from the Hodgdon Powder website.

    Yes, same thing.

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    Welcome to the world of Cartridge Naming Conventions.

    The only rule you really need to remember is this one:


    There are no rules, and not much logic either.

    It's sort of like languages that use ideograms, if you come across a new symbol there is no dictionary you can use, there is no way you can phonetically 'puzzle-out' the idea or name, someone has to tell you the meaning and pronouciation.

    It's the same with cartridges.

    I could go on at considerable length; but I won't, not yet anyway ;)
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    .32-20 is the same as .32-20 WCF. WCF stands for Winchester Center fire. WCF was used in the OLD days to differentiate between center fire and rimfire weapons. Even though there was never a .32-20 rimfire, Winchester used the WCF as a proprietary name and selling point. The .30-30 is also called the .30 WCF

    Here are some other examples:
    .22 WMR- .22 Winchester magnum rimfire
    .30 Gov't- .30-40 Krag
    .45 Gov't- .45-70
    9mm para- Luger- 9x19 etc
    .380 ACP- 9mm k, kurz, short, 9 x 17

    The list goes on and on.