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    I have a new FN PS90 and I have a couple questions.

    Question #1. After pulling back the charging handle, if I guide it forward easily the round only goes about 90% of the way into the chamber and the gun won't fire. But if I pull back the charging handle and just let go of it and let it snap forward, there is never a problem. My question is, is this normal behavior? I have done this before with pistols (guiding the slide forward after cocking it) and they worked just fine either way.

    Question #2. In the situation described in Question #1, with the first round about 90% of the way into the chamber, if I were to pull the charging handle back WITH a loaded magazine still in the gun and let the handle go, is there any danger of the gun taking a second round off the magazine and slamming the point into the primer of the first round? Is it ever possible for something like this to happen? Just curious.

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    That is the way it is supposed to function. You are to never ride the charging handle or charging lever forward on any tactical rifle. Or for that matter a pistol. The feeding as well as the timing to feed is dependent upon normal speed. Which means the weapon closing on its own! And not to be concerned about it firing upon dropping unless there is some other major problem. It is the same for the AR-15/16 Rifle system also. They will not go into battery normally if you milk or ride the charging handle forward! Let it FLY!


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    If you were to pull the charging handle back and the extractor did not throw out the first round, yes when it came forward it would strip another round off the mag and no it will not fire, you will end up with a traffic jam of rounds stuffed in the reciver that can be a pain in the a$$ to get out if you end up with a good one. i have seen 4 rounds stuffed into the reciver of a M4 and one standing in the mag locking it into the rifle, it was a pain to get every thing back where it belongs.
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    Question #1: Yes the reason it does that is it needs to be free to drive the cartridge home and rotate the bolt to lock the locking lugs. If the gun were to fire in the out of battery position BAD VERY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOUR GUN AND YOUR FACE.

    Question #2: Yes there is. The extractor may have not fully engaged the rim of the cartridge there for not extracting the first cartridge the stripping the second and hitting the primer of the first. Again BAD VERY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOUR GUN AND YOUR FACE.
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    Answers to both questions is the same. Do not EVER do that...