Questions if i move out to California; help please!

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by thestrokes, Jan 4, 2013.

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    So I might possibly moving out to California (from Oklahoma) sometime in the next 1-2 years (depending on my job). I have a .40 Beretta PX4 Storm and a Bushmaster XM5-e2s, and i was thinking about purchasing an .45 ATI 1911 GI model. I heard my buddy say that if i move to CA that I wont be allowed to have my .45 there bc of some ballistics laws (?). I was trying to looking on different forums but I havent found anything concrete; people were saying that the gun needed to pass a drop test or something. I would also like to know if I do buy the 1911, if there was going to be any hassle with the 1911, PX4 storm, or the BM. Thanks!
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    DONT move there.. there are other jobs around! they have stupid horrible laws written by the epitomy of stupid people.


    HOSSFLY New Member

    1 to 2 years?
    Lot can happen in that time---
    Nothing else to worry about now i guess? :D
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    Go to the source:
    Call some of these people, they should have a bunch of resources available to you.
    Ballistics laws? What does that even mean? There are .45 acp 1911s for sale in CA. Restrictions to whats available stem from any number of reasons unrelated to ballistics. CA has a LOT of issues/restrictions/weirdness where firearms are concerned. Don't let misinformation make things even worse.

    Of course you could just move somewhere else.
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    Other than more advice on stay out, I have lived here my whole life, you can bring them in as long as the AR is "feature-less" or has a bullet button and you cannot bring any mags with a capacity over 10 rounds. You can however have them disassembled as a "Mag repair kit" and put them together to use if you leave the state or SHTF.
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    Northern California has Constitutional sheriffs, at least that's a plus for that area of California. The rest of California, to me, is like a third world country which I avoid traveling in like a plague stricken area.
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    I lived in Amador county and actually got my concealed carry permit there. But that's more the exception than the rule. The gun laws and regulations are a can of worms and incredibly stupid and malicious.

    Don't move there if at all possible.

    We just escaped a few months ago and will never look back.
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    Don't move to California. They are the most screwed up state out there!
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    I feel for you - I am gonna be in the same boat soon. I currently live in TX and the guidance I got is if the gun is not named on the AW list and has a bullet button and 10 rd magazines you should be fine.

    Handguns if you possess them before you move to CA the DOJ list of approved handguns does not apply other than being restricted to 10 rd magazines.

    The people on were extremely helpful

    Good Luck to you - hope I can navigate the muddy waters successfully too