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A couple of weeks ago my hunting partner were in grizz country in northern B.C. Canada. We knew we were in grizz country because we were spotting huge piles and I mean huge piles of grizz scat every couple of hundred yards or so on the logging road we were traversing. The piles were as big as serving platers and 4 to 6 inches high. The brush off the road on both sides of the trail were so thick that your hands would disappear when you stuck your arm in. This was a grizz maze, Timothy Tredwell country. I dare say that if you went into the brush you would not come out. We noticed that when we got into this area the elk tracks petered out as well as all the rest of the game sign. A few miles down the road we noticed that all the game sort of took a left hand turn off the road and went across the river before they got to the heavy bear scat area. Looks to me that a hunter just walking on that road would be taking his life in his hands. I think it would be a good idea not to get out of your pickup for any reason. My hunting partner discussed this and we came to the conclusion that there was a good possibility that a grizz could be hiding in ambush ready to spring out and take down a hunter.
If that ever did happen a hunter would not have time to react and would probably never be seen again as these animals can move faster than you can even think possible. Talk about a blink of an eye just about half that time.
My question here is how likely would a grizz undertake such an ambush attack in an unprovoked situation? Do you think we were being overly alarmist in our assessment of the danger?
Cheers: and Happy Hunting" Eaglesnester
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