Questions about a "Long Gun"

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

    No more egg shells.

    1. What casings were found in the school?
    2. Did a recently installed security system include video surveillance?
    3. Who if anybody was apprehended/questioned outside the school?
    4. What guns were actually there and where were they found?
    5. Why so much misinformation?

    These are just a few questions that haven't been answered but need to be before any task force can go about preventing it. The longer we wait to ask for answers the more blurry it will become.

    Was it?
    glock 10mm and sig 9mm on shooter, Bushmaster in trunk?
    glock 9mm and sig 9mm on shooter, Saiga shotgun in trunk?
    glock, sig, Bushmaster in school?
    4 handguns, mystery shotgun in trunk?

    If garbage information is going in then no doubt garbage legislation will come out.
  2. bamashooter68

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    There had to be eyewitnesses. Why arent they being asked these questions. I dont know what happened that day but I dont believe the BS we have been told.

  3. orangello

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    We may never know, but i really would like to.
  4. 70cuda383

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    Problem is, your average school teacher isn't going to know the difference between a Remington 870 and an AR-15, especially if they both have black synthetic/plastic stocks/grips, etc.

    plus, your average elementary school kid isn't going to know the difference.

    and the local law enforcement won't release detailed information until well after the investigation is complete, and they are sure that they know what happened, and by who's hand, and that either the sole person responsible is dead by a self inflicted gunshot, or if there is an accomplice that needs arrested/questioned.
  5. Biohazard2

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    All we need are the bullets removed from the bodies.
  6. bamashooter68

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    I want to know what happened to the guy they had detained in the woods and the guy detained outside the school whn the kids were leaving. Are they arrested and charged as accomplices? There is footage from a helicopter of the cops chasing and cuffing a man in the woods and a boy being interviewed by the media said a man was on the ground handcuffed when they were evacuating the classrooms.

    The gun in the trunk they were clearing had a bolt handle on the right hand side like a mini-14 or semi auto shotgun. Sure as hell wasnt a bushmaster AR type sporting rifle.
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  7. Axxe55

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    to expect the media to report real facts and evidence about something, well kind of expecting a politician to tell the truth and to keep his promises.:rolleyes:

    months from now when all the facts and evidence are released, it will more than likely show just how incompetent the media and the politicians are.

    right now, the stance is, they are not going to allow a tragedy such as this go to waste to further their agenda on trying to restrict and ban certain types of firearms.