Questionable New Toy!

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    I was at Big 5 in Albuquerque, they had some older Steyr's for sale $99.00 (a little cleaning project).

    First - Austria Steyr M1895 8x56mmR - Bolt action was an issue, frame as well and the barrel needs a bath!

    Second - Hungarian Steyr M1895 8x56mmR - Bolt action and frame (sweet), barrel cleanliness - :eek: near mint!

    The issue Ammo "RC Arms" has the stuff Nazi stamped 50 rounds for $65.00 :eek:

    The Ammo Bank - Buy Ammunition On-Line had the ammo - 20 rounds for $39.49

    I will probably sleep on this!

    Any thoughts?
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    See the note I just left over on Hungarian 8mm Mauser-

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    If you want a great deal on a Steyr M95 PM me. I sold mine to a friend some years ago. He is thinking about selling it. Real nice rifle. It was still wrapped in paper from the arsenal when I bought it. He has about 120+ rounds of Nazi headstamped Austrian (on enbloks) and some loose pack boxes of Bulgarian. I think he wants about $220.00. There is also 2 boxes of Hornady boxer primer 205gr hunting ammo.