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  1. xd man

    xd man New Member

    i was wondering what you guys use on glocks to clean barrel, protact barrel and lube for side rails.
  2. doctherock

    doctherock New Member

    Hoppes gun oil, Glocks are guns just like any other, with the exception of all the plastic.

  3. GunDoc

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    any firearms lubricant used sparingly will work. Look at the owner's manual and where it shows ONE DROP of lube at the disconnector - use only one drop. There are very few moving parts in a Glock and most of them should be dry. NEVER lube the striker. You can remove it for cleaning but always install it dry - it won't rust and actually rides plastic on plastic so no need for oil.
  4. StanDJ77

    StanDJ77 New Member

    Ballistol on the barrel only
  5. afi1

    afi1 New Member

    One drop of Slip2000 on the end of a q-tip will lube everything you need. One swipe down each slide rail, one swipe across the disconnector, then rub whats left on your fingers and rub it on the outside of the barrel. I've never put anything oil inside the barrel, just hot soapy water and a bore snake. That's worked for over 10k rounds in my 22.
  6. voyager4520

    voyager4520 New Member

    I use Hoppe's #9 bore solvent for the bore of the barrel. I make sure to be in a well ventilated area when using the stuff, the fumes aren't good for you. I use Hoppe's Elite Cleaner to clean everything else, even the polymer parts of the gun. After everything is clean, I use Ballistol oil to wipe down the metal parts of the gun then wipe them relatively dry for corrosion protection. For lubrication I use small drops of regular Hoppe's oil in the areas indicated by the instruction manual.

    The other supplies I use:
    -Hoppe's Sontora synthetic patches, 500 pack for about $8
    -bore rod and brush that came with the pistol
    -100% cotton rag for wiping the gun down with cleaner or oil
    -old/expired soft plastic ID card to wrap the rag or patches around to get into the rails of the slide
    -q-tips for wiping hard to reach places with cleaner or oil, then wiping dry, with special care not to leave any cotton behind in the gun
    -Hoppe's nylon utility brush for brushing the breech face and the extractor claw

    If you're new to Glocks, here are some tips and resources:
    Here are the places you DON'T want to get oil:
    -in the magazines
    -on the breech face
    -on the extractor
    -in the internal parts of the slide such as the firing pin channel, around the extractor, or around the firing pin safety

    Here are some videos that I learned from when I got my first Glock
    nutnfancy cleaning: [ame=]YouTube - Pistol Cleaning by Nutnfancy: The Glock Example[/ame]
    JamesYeager lubricating: [ame=]YouTube - Proper Lubrication of an Glock Pistol (#2)[/ame]
    hickok45 cleaning: [ame=]YouTube - Glock Cleaning Basics[/ame]
    R6AJ lubricating: [ame=]YouTube - How to properly lube your Glock[/ame]