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Hi there Guys and Girls I just got home from shooting with a mate of mine and i was using his Taurus :) I likes the feel of it so a question what do you guys think of the Taurus 24/7 pro Thanks in advance
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Aussie - I spent about an hour at the Taurus booth at the Shot Show in Feb and I have to say they have come a long way. A couple of years ago, was it 3 already :eek:, they switched over to a complete CNC machine shop for their firearms and it definitely shows. I was very impressed with the fit and feel of their 1911 line.

The 24/7 has some good features, and I say that with the full acknowledgement in the open that I do not like striker fired weapons. Their trigger is pretty cool. It's single action, short draw, but if the weapon doesn't fire, it converts to double action, long draw, to punch the primer harder. Once the weapon fires, it converts back to single action. I found the trigger pull short and crisp, but it's not a 1911 trigger, so I can't give it full marks. :D Still, it is a good pull for a carry model in single action.

[ame=]Here is a video about manufacturing[/ame]

Taurus now has a full lifetime warranty, regardless of owner, so once you spend the money, you can rest assured that the company will stick behind the weapon and take care of you after the sale.

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