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  1. DrJ105

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    I have an XD .4 service model. I keep a clip of hollow point ammo loaded for home defense. Since this ammo will, hopefully, never be fired how often, if ever, should I unload it?
  2. Going Postal

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    DrJ - This is just my opinion and I may be wrong. I know that the magazine spring may weaken over time and in that case if you wanted to prevent that you could have two magazines and alternate them every so often.

    I have a Beretta M9 that I keep hanging on the head of my bed that I switch out the magazines every month or so. To start with, I kept the same mag loaded in it for several years (7 or 8) and I noticed that it did not want to feed right so I started switching them out.

    This is a very good question and I hope someone with a lot more knowledge comes along and adds his/her comment.