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  1. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    So you’ve showered, gotten dressed and getting ready to put on your SD handgun to start your day...

    first is your handgun stored in it’s holster when not carried or stored broken down with mag & firearm separated?

    do you thread your belt into your holster while the gun is still in the holster? (Trigger presumed covered by the holster.)


    do you remove the loaded firearm from the holster, thread the belt through the holster, then handle the firearm while putting it the belted holster?


    Load firearm, holster it, then thread your belt through the holster, adjusting it for comfort after your belt is buckled?
  2. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    I live alone now.
    My 45 is laying on the nightstand by my bed and AR 15 standing against the wall by my bed.

    I get up pants , belt, spare mag carrier and holster buckled up then put 45 in holster , spare mag in mag carrier. Depending on plan for the day maybe a pair of Perry suspenders also.
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    PANDEMIC Well-Known Member

    I don't need a belt although I use one for the most part, I've got a belt clip installed on my 9mm so it will work with pretty much whatever I'm wearing.
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  4. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My SD is almost always loaded, cocked and locked. With that being said, my holster is attached to my body then SD inserted. My SD is close to me at night. In the morning as I dress, my SD is reattached to me.. No, its not in the holster as I dress. I feel I have better control over it this way. No flopping around as I'm dressing. At night its not in a holster ether, one less step to go if in the event I need it.
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  5. ramjet

    ramjet Member

    My Kahr P9 rides IWB in a leather holster. It’s easy to just slip in my pants or shorts and away I go. Clip style has always worked for me.
    The revolver is a little trickier. I only have a cheap suede holster that is IWB as well. I have to put on with the holster as re holstering is a no go. It’s just to floppy. But it’s comfy as hell and lightweight as well.
  6. G66enigma

    G66enigma Well-Known Member

    My active-duty arms are always in service. Unless one is being stripped for cleaning, at which point others are active-duty at that time. Never, ever, have I had my defensive arms disabled and/or stored inaccessible; that's only been for warehoused items (shelved, packed-up, stored in safe).

    ^ This. Figure it's the safest way, and the primary method of keeping the active-duty sidearm still accessible and ready to go.

    Have always removed the sidearm from the holster, temporarily, dressed up with the holster on the belt, adjusted things, then holstered the sidearm.
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  7. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    Thanks for the individual personal info regarding putting on your SD handguns

    what brought the issue up was the holster, w/firearm, was being contrite accepting the thick belt, resulting in an exceptionally good reaction time by me to safely capture the firearm by the grip before it bounced off the dresser going towards the floor.

    first time in 8-10 years any handgun in its holster while holster was being slid onto thick or web belt has escaped.

    i will retrain muscle mem to take firearm out and manipulate the holster, big opening up, * kidding * on my belt.
  8. 7.62 Man

    7.62 Man Well-Known Member

    I pocket carry a Sig P938 in a holster, it stays on my nightstand with one in the chamber in the holster until morning when I put the holster/gun back in my pocket. The only time it comes out of the holster is to shoot or clean.
  9. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    You use some COMMON SENSE and do what ever works best for you!:) It is not that complicated!;)
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  10. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    Of course not it isn’t at all complicated jimrau, but there are some who are not as well versed in ALL facets of firearm everything as you profess.

    As i am sure you are aware jimrau, there are numerous methodologies out there regarding every subject(s) matter, but i have discerned the majority of the Forum’s membership could provide a viable alternative modality to my quandary.

    i was pleased with one minor, but notable exception, those who took time to provide their insight, do so from their respective experience base.
  11. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    Re-evaluation of my handgun slipped out of the holster...seems:
    1 New product from de santis called osprey, a trailing slotted OWB holster.

    with the holster’s back belt loop presenting the tight nich to allow the thick belt to slide through easier. The nylon web belt also doesn’t slide smoothly...

    found the cause now going to water submerge the holster with significant brace in the loop to see if stretching the loop alleviates the tightness of the loop issue...
  12. jigs-n-fixture

    jigs-n-fixture Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    If you need to stretch leather, I recommend alcohol instead of water.
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  13. Nmwabbit

    Nmwabbit Guest

    uh, not the good stuff i presume, jigs-n-fixture like 'Daniels & such' :( but rubbing alcohol.;)..
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  14. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    Alcohol or witch hazel work equally well.
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  15. G66enigma

    G66enigma Well-Known Member

    I can't recall if I've ever had that occur, but I'm assuming probably once or twice back in the early days of my carrying.

    It's the main reason I never wanted to "holster up" while the sidearm was there. So, since the mid-'90s, since I've been carrying daily, I've removed the sidearm and gotten ready, prior to putting the sidearm back in the holster. Just for safety's sake.

    Of course, with a well-designed holster that fits snugly, and with the holster's fore-end screw tightened snugly, it's unlikely a sidearm would come loose.

    Still, every little bit probably helps. Even if it's mostly only for peace of mind.
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  16. c3shooter

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    Yamada and Harris may have had that problem, but Detective Fish never did....

    And not to be giving you a flippiant answer- but when nature calls, and you drop trou, a shoulder holster means your sidearm never hits the floor and bounces into the stall next door....

    Not that that ever happened to ME- just heard about it happening. Yeah.
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  17. AgedWarrior

    AgedWarrior Well-Known Member

    I always put the holster on the belt first, then the pistol to the holster; reverse for removal. My P365 in Desantis leather would be easy enough to put on with the pistol in the holster as it had great retention and I can literally hold the gun in the holster while belting it, but it just seems to be asking for trouble. Using the restroom requires attention to detail to a degree so as not to present a opportunity to test retention (Cause you know that is when it will fail!). This is all a daily practice for me now, and I periodically double check retention as the holster ages.
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  18. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    The one thing I have learned about 'carrying' is there is NO advice to be given except to find what is COMFORTABLE TO YOU!! If it is not comfortable you WILL make excuses and stop or limit the times you carry. I have been carrying for 45+ years and have been around MANY who carry and have been teaching Armed SD classes for 30+ years and the one thing that is totally unique to the individual is the 'method of carry'. :)
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  19. sheepdawg

    sheepdawg Well-Known Member Supporter

    Daniels is far from the good stuff. :confused:
  20. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter

    Mine are in the Holster loaded.
    2 in my Bed Stand Drawer and another on the Dresser. I keep my Khar P-380 on the Dresser in a De Santis Ankle Holster and the XDS and Model 27 in Fobus OWB clip on Paddle Holsters. Both with extra Magazines handy.
    DeSantis Appache Ankle.jpg