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    i sell all kindz of rifle & gun accessories, amongst other in ebay and amazon. my question is i heard of all kindz of other gun action sites (which specialize in guns & firearms, unlike ebay and amazon which sell everything).

    one heard of and even tried is gun broker (it's ok, occassionally sell). what about others - does anybody know and reccomend additional ones? did anybody hear of guns of america? if yes, how is it? and any other ones??

    please let me know.

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    As you know (or will know when they freeze one of your auctions) Ebay does not permit the sale of firearms, and a LOT of firearm parts and accessories. In addition to, I also use I have used, but not overly impressed.

    The keys to being a successful seller: GOOD pictures (notice I used the plural- one pic sux) in focus, properly exposed, showing close-up what the gun looks like. A red or light green background seems to give good contrast.

    Next, a GOOD description of the gun. I know that a Marlin 39A is a lever action 22. Tell me about YOUR Marlin 39A- condition, serial number prefix (tells me the year) any changes to the rifle, bore condition, etc. I can't hold it and look at it, so you gotta tell me why I should buy yours.

    Last- a good price. I do not waste my time on hidden reserve auctions- list it as a basic auction, start a the lowest price you can live with, and start the auction. When I look at a price, I mentally add shipping costs, and if it is not covered by my 03 FFL, I add what an 01 Dealer will charge me for the transfer. Translation- you have a Ruger up for $240, my local dealer has for $250. BUT- to buy yours, I'll spend $240, PLUS $26 in shipping, PLUS $50 to dealer for transfer. NOT a good deal.

    Go look at some of the more successful sellers on auctionarms- sportsmans supply, jack the dog- they have good success for a reason.

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    Gunbroker and Gunsamerica are no deal to you at all. The people there are selling retail most of the time. I have consistently beat them time and time again on sites like I just bought a Taurus Public Defender from Buds for $412.00 delivered. You can also purchase an AK 47 from them for $389.00 delivered. The same AK on gunbroker is $500-$600 the last time I looked. Sure, if you wait long enough and are quick to buy, you might get a deal sometime. Why play that game when you can go to a good gun site and probaly beat them 99 out of 100 times. Also gunbroker is full of people that buy from buds and others, then resell on gunbroker to people that are not familiar with gun prices.
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