Question on modifing my SP101

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by northhike, Dec 11, 2009.

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    0 that I have shot my Ruger SP101 a bit I am looking to do some modifications (through a gunsmith). I have already changed the grip to the Houge which made a world of difference. The next two things on the list are to have a gunsmith smooth out the trigger pull. I know it will smooth out a bit with time, but I'm impatient. ;) I know a few of you have mentioned "Wolf Springs" and was wondering if those did the trick for you.

    Second, I am nnot a fan of the black front sight. I know the gun is not intended to be a target gun, but having some reference I can see would be helpful. It looks like there is a pin in there that can be removed to diconnect the front sight. Are there high visability sites that would fit this gun?

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    Wolf springs are great, they give you a much better trigger pull without messing with the gun's reliability. I don't like fiddling with SD guns too much, but I trust those springs since I've tested them a lot on some of my revolvers (Stalkingbear recommended them, and he knows a thing or two about Rugers!).

    About the front sight, the easiest and cheapest solution would be to just paint it. If you prefer to replace it, Trijicon makes night sights for the SP101. I'm sure there are other alternatives out there as well.

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    Gemini sights and Wolff springs...

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    I trust Wolff spring kits with my SD guns completely. The trick is to put the lowest reduced power spring in trigger return and only slightly ( not the lowest) reduced power for mainspring. They usually come with options on weights (several different springs). The Wolff spring kit will provide a 40% reduced DA pull with no other changes or modfications.

    Wolff Shooter's Spring Pack Ruger SP-101 - MidwayUSA