Question on how to date Browning A5 20GA. semi-auto shotgun

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by County Boy, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I found this shotgun at the local trading post yesterday before I went to work, when I got home last night I looked up the serial number on the Browning website. The serial number had a "C" before the ser.number on the barrel it was made in ST. Louis M.O meaning it was manufactured between 1930-1958. My question is during WW2 Remington made these shotguns under Browning patent would the gun have Remington made on it or would it still say Browning. I put the gun on layaway today, it's in what I would say very decent condition, the stock has a couple of small nicks, the fore-end is good "not cracked" and most important the barrel looks to be in good shape. I own a Belgian made 12GA A5 Lite so that's why I was horny to buy this. This shotgun had 500.00 on the price tag up here in this area the old A5 semis (12GA) go for 5-6 hundred all day long this is the first 20GA I have come acrossed. What's everbody's thoughts or opinions on this, sorry for the long worded post.
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    I have a 12ga that was made in St Louis in 1947 and it says Browning on it. It doesn't say remington on it anywhere even though it came from the remington factory