Question on Federal Game Shok 22lr

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    i bought this ammo its federal 22 lr game shock its like bird shot of 22lr. My question is my bolt action 22lr will extract the spent shell. but my buckmark pistol and marlin model 60 will not and im scared that the case may get stuck any answers would help?
  2. c3shooter

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    This is a shot load. It has an effective range against very small animals of about 20 FEET. Due to the fact that you are shooting it through a rifled barrel, spin will cause the pattern to open like a doughnut, with a hole in the center. The size of the shot is #12, which is about 1 notch larger than lead dust.

    Since almost all .22 autos are blowback operated, and the shot lacks the mass to cycle the gun, they can be single loaded and fired, but will NOT cycle the gun semi-auto. Bolts, pumps, break action, revolvers- not a problem.

    But no, will not hurt your gun. Just not real effective for anything, either. Have used them to dispatch a snake where I did not want a solid bullet bouncing around.