Question about the Army and surgery.

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    I was born with an overbite and while at the dentist the other day we were talking about ways to fix it. I told the dentist that I was planing on joining the Army in around 18-20ish months and that if I had braces, I would still be undergoing treatment. She said I most likely could not qualify for invisalign and that jaw surgery could be an option, only problem is the last time researched that I read I would need to get screws/pins and plates in my mouth. Not too many of them but I read that it could or couldn't disqualify me from enlisting. A few people on yahoo answers(not the best source) said it is a disqualification and others said that a note from the doctor saying the the bone is healed and the hardware is just there because it would be too costly to remove and or a waiver at meps would suffice. Can anyone active duty or former military let me know what the rules are on this?
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    Unfortunately, no we can't answer that question very well. There are to many details that would be needed, unless someone on here is a doctor at a MEPS, they might be able to answer but I bet they wouldn't.

    Your best bet is to speak with a recruiter and ask them to get you in contact with MEPS. Or maybe try to locate a MEPS station from this site . Ask for an opinion on if they think surgery would be a major factor in determining eligibility for service.

    All that said, in my experience, I've met lots of people who have had surgery before they joined and some with pins in their arms/legs and it didn't stop them from being able to join. The devil will be in the details and possibly disqualify you for some strange reason or disqualify you from certain jobs. For example LASIK surgery (used to at least) disqualify you from pilot in the Air Force because the long term effects were unknown so they didn't allow it. However I know a few pilots that had LASIK after they were pilots, 20/400 correctable is all that I think is required to fly heavies.

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    The other option is to wait until you are enlisted and get the work done by the military.

    I've met a couple of people who had it done while on active duty.
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    Personally, I would opt for braces and delay my entry into the army by a few months. Jaw surgery is pretty drastic if there is an easier way to correct the overbite.
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    Beast, you gotta check with the recruiter and he's gonna need to clear anything he says with MEPS as others have said. Braces and or any surgery will change your status temp or perm. Do nothing till you know everything.